St. Augustine: Day 2

Our plan for the trip was to hit up the beach in the mornings to beat the heat and keep Kye occupied during his typical morning nap time. The weather was supposed to be AWFUL all weekend so we also thought the morning was our best shot to stay out of the rain. Saturday morning we got up and got ready even though the sky didn’t look too hopeful. We were staying right over a bridge that lead to the beach so it was super close and we figured we didn’t have anything else to do so we might as well give it a try!

Due to the bad weather the waves were HUGE and just too rough for Kye. And since the sun was barely out we actually got cold. The beach was a bunch of small broken shells instead of sand (I guess they had to bring it in maybe? Or because of the weather?) so it was miserable. Our little beach trip didn’t last long!

you can see the mega scary clouds!

at first he loved it

then quickly realized the waves were a little too hardcore

poor kid was COVERED in nasty sand in the car ride back to the hotel!

We quickly gave up on the beach and headed back. Since we’d packed our lunches and had our suits on and were already all sandy and gross we decided to hit up the hotel pool at least until it rained. It was totally empty and we had a blast! Kye LOVES the water and isn’t afraid one bit of putting his head in or anything. He loved dipping his face in the water and then picking up his head and cracking up. He also enjoyed walking along the raised ledge of the pool and practicing his balancing skills. 

getting the sand hosed off was half the fun!

playing with Mommy

I know a lot of people are anti-floaties and say they give kids false confidence in the water and such but I had to decide on SOMETHING as Kye is just too wild in the water to manage by holding him. Hello, I’m barely 5’2″ and most pools shallow ends are 3-4 feet which doesn’t give me much above-water-level area to manage my kid! Kye has totally outgrown his infant float and wouldn’t stay in it anyway, he hated the life-vest I tried and it rode up so high on his neck that it looked mega uncomfortable, and the tube/vest combo I bought was WAY too big for him right now. I have heard good things about puddle jumpers? But I have yet to buy one. With everything else failing I bought some floaties for $1.50 at Publix just to give them a try and he LOVES them! He floats SO much better with them on and while I don’t consider him being “safer” with them I do feel better because I don’t have to hold him all the time and worry about him wiggling away from me. In no way would I ever leave my child alone near water but it just makes it easier to manage him when we play in the pool!

He had the best time climbing up and down the stairs (which I learned recently is actually one of the most dangerous places for children to play in the pool and the most common place a child will drown!)

my cutie

of course he loved it when Daddy threw him high

During his nap (which he would only sleep from 12:30-2, not cool) Zach and I watched episodes of The Office Season 3 and just relaxed. Once we got him up at 2 we got dressed and headed out to play some putt-putt. Again, the weather wasn’t too promising but it wasn’t thundering so we figured we could handle some light rain. It honestly worked out better because with the bad weather the place was EMPTY so we were able to take our time and just let Kye run wild on the course. It was so fun and so great to see Kye so happy! Here’s a video of our little golfer.

green ball to match his outfit, duh.

Had to have a rain-delay…boo!

made a hole-in-one, typical.

he loved following his ball to the hole after his putt

such a pro

gotta get a family pic in the cave!

I tried to get the lady to let us buy the kid’s sized golf club but she didn’t understand English haha

walking with Daddy

eager to let go of Mommy’s hand so he could PLAY

Kye had so much fun that when we were done he BAWLED the whole way to the car and was crying out “golf! golf! GOOOOLLLLFFF” the entire way. Poor baby 🙁

After our “golf” we headed over to The Oasis for dinner. We’d never eaten there but it got voted the best family restaurant in St. Augustine so we thought it’d be a good pick for a sleep deprived child. The food wasn’t the best but it was okay. We probably won’t eat there again but the prices were reasonable so who knows, we might haha.

they did have good fries!

After dinner it was time for our nightly ice cream feast! This time we tried out an ADORABLE little sweet shop we found near our hotel called Luli’s Cupcakes. Zach was actually craving a cupcake (random?) but she was sold out so we settled for their special cupcake flavored ice cream and it didn’t disappoint!

Kye loved it and here’s a video of him enjoying the treat!

Editing all of these pictures has made me realize how often ZACH is holding Kye and I’m the one behind the camera or chilling in a picture by myself haha. I think we need another kid so we can each hold one for pictures don’t you? (KINDA makes me have a baby itch actually…although seeing my current body and remembering the pregnant one makes that itch fade quickly…). 

Kye had another great day filled with fun things and he slept good for Mommy and Daddy so we could get our fill of The Office! We had to watch it on our little portable DVD player with HEADPHONES so we wouldn’t wake him up but it was worth it for sure..I’m officially an Office Addict! 


Our Fourth of July fun is coming up next!

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