Spear’s 2.5 Year Well Check Pediatrician Visit

Spear’s 2.5 Year Well Check Pediatrician Visit

Spear had his two and a half year old well check on June 9th, 2020.

I know that 2.5 year visits aren’t really necessary and that we could have skipped it with the fact that we are in a pandemic…but I like to have the mid-year check just to touch base especially after Spear having his allergy testing a few weeks prior.

The allergy doctor is one we’ve never used before and we’ve used the same pediatrician for eleven years so I trust them THE MOST and wanted to fill them in on his allergy testing results and get their insight into his eczema diagnosis.

I’ve had to visit the doctor a few times during the pandemic due to Spear’s rash and I much preferred the “wait in the car” routine they had going for awhile!

For this visit we were instructed to wait in the waiting room and keeping a busy toddler socially distanced from other patients (especially since our pediatrician is also a family doctor and has several elderly patients) was TOUGH.

They also currently have a rule in place where siblings are not allowed to come to appointments. I had to find a sitter who was comfortable coming to the house to watch the kids so I could take Spear. It was a great opportunity to try out a new sitter though and the kids really liked her which was a win!

It also did make it easier to focus on Spear the whole visit without the other kids as distractions.

One big positive about corona is that I’ve had VERY short waits anywhere we’ve had to go for appointments! We were back in a room super quick. I’d brought Spear’s breakfast and plenty of distractions (including that tractor app again it’s my new go-to for appointments!) and barely even needed any of it.

For his stats at 2.5 years old Spear is 36.25 inches tall and weighs 27.8 pounds. He’s in the 50th percentile for both height and weight (I think that’s a Parker family first right there ha!). I didn’t catch the head measurement but they said he’s in the 30th percentile for head circumference.

To compare to his 2 year old stats: 34.5 inches tall (49th percentile), 28 lbs (50th percentile) and head circumference is 18.6 (15th percentile)

Crazy that he’s grown a solid 2 inches in just 6 months! I KNOW his height was accurate at this visit because it was the first time he laid super still and did awesome for it. So he must not have been laying straight for his 2 year check or he just had a mega growth spurt which I don’t think is the case because all of his clothes still fit that he wore 6 months ago.

Well. I went to hunt down the other kids 2.5 year stats to compare and apparently they didn’t have a 2.5 year well check?!?! I find that hard to fathom but now it makes me wished I’d skipped Spear’s too! All that headache and cost and paying a sitter! Oh well, I’m still glad to have had the chance to update his info with his doctor about his allergy testing and everything.

We also lucked out and saw a provider whom I’ve always trusted and enjoyed seeing over the years and it was nice to get his perspective on things as I believe it was his first time seeing Spear.

He gave Spear a super good check-up and mentioned that his heart sounded a bit like a murmur but isn’t one and said to ask him to check it if/when we ever come in for a sick visit as he’d be interested to see if it sounds different when Spear isn’t feeling well.

We chatted a good bit about the allergy test results and the eczema and he was great at giving some tips and product recommendations. He said he likes to keep things as affordable as possible and that a lot of the good brands are pricey but also have coupons – so I’m on the hunt 😉

His best advice with the eczema is to moisturize a ton. And he said to have Spear’s skin a bit damp prior to adding moisturizer. It helps the lotion to really work well and for the skin to get that moisturizing effect.

It’s been easy to do with it being summer – we swim and then I just don’t dry him off and instead apply lotion and then his lightweight cotton pjs to help trap the moisture in! Works like a charm so far!

He didn’t have any shots or anything which was nice and I’m always thankful for a great check-up.

Spear was SO well behaved for this visit. I think it was a perk of him being solo for it – he did so awesome and was such a big boy and made me so proud!

Crazy to think the next time he has a well check he will be THREE!!!

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