Shauna’s Breastfeeding Story

Shauna and I met when we both came to Central Avenue Church of Christ a few years ago. Her husband, Bryan, is our preacher and hearing him preach is one of the main reasons we placed membership there! Zach and I love Bryan and Shauna and are thankful for their friendship. Here is her breastfeeding story, enjoy (and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!!)

My experience with breast feeding: It was terrible for the first 4 weeks. It was so painful that for the first 5 days I would get nauseous just thinking about it. Once the nausea went away and I just decided this was what I was going to do, the pain slowly died as well. About 2 months into it, I developed mastitis… whoa! The first 4 weeks was nothing compared to that! haha But I pushed through and continued to nurse. It was the best. I loved having to stop and relax when he needed to eat, I enjoyed the alone time I got to spend with him with no one else around. No bottles, no formulas, just a blanket to cover with.

The convenience was great but the health benefits have been even greater. Baby Dylan is now 13 years old, 5’4″ and weighs about 115 pounds. I do not know how much of his good health is due to breast feeding but I will say that he has never suffered with ear infections, skin infections, GERD or digestive issues. He may go to the doctor once a year for a winter cold but he has never suffered with asthma, had Strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, or any of the ‘big ones’. He has had antibiotics over the years (and I am hard core on the probiotics and green teas which helps a great deal w/health) but nothing more serious than that. I really believe that even mothers who are unable to breast feed can raise healthy children. For some it’s just not an option. But for those who can breast feed, they would be wise to do so. Breast milk has nutrients in it that man is unable to reproduce. So whatever a formula provides, it is still short many parts that equip your child’s body for all that it needs to thrive.

Bryan and Shauna with Dylan

In conclusion, I would not have traded the pain for the payoff. Even if his health would have been the same one way or the other, the bonding time I had in those 8 months was priceless. I believe breast feeding was the foundation for the relationship that we have today. God bless and may you find the goodness in your own journey through breast feeding.

Shauna Jarvis
38 yrs. old
Valdosta, GA

I LOVE that she mentioned all the health benefits, as I firmly believe much of the reason Kye is rarely sick (and hasn’t had any of the “big ones” either) is due to breastfeeding! 🙂

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