Tips for a Magical Day at Magic Kingdom

We are very blessed to live within a short driving distance to Disney World. We are able to go on short, quick trips to the parks multiple times a year which allows us to take… View Post

Traveling without Kids

Zach and I travel a good bit without our kids. I know that this fact is probably THE biggest thing other moms judge me about. Most moms I know rarely leave their children over night.… View Post

Babywise Travel Tips

I was a guest blogger awhile back on Chronicle of a Babywise Mom and thought I’d share my post here as well 🙂 From a very young age I had a love of travel. I love… View Post

Travel With Two

Zach and I mastered traveling with Kye pretty quickly. We learned little tricks to make life easier while not at home so it wasn’t too difficult to transition into traveling with two kids. Prior to… View Post

Enjoying Our Room

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we got a GREAT deal on our hotel room in SC! We had booked a room at The Knights Inn as it was the cheapest room in town… View Post