Summary of Month 17

Here’s what’s been going on with Kye this month! Peek-A-Boo Bath: Kye’s new favorite game in the bathtub is peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. Here’s a video of it. We’re still working on the swimming… View Post

Lazzzzy Weekend

Last Friday (the 23rd) Kye woke up with a low grade fever and he wouldn’t eat. So we knew it meant teething. Awesome. It did give me a chance to try out these little baby… View Post

Summary of Month 14

I know I’m behind on this, but aren’t I always??? This past month has been rough with sicknesses and rashes but we still managed to make some memories and Kye still had plenty of changes… View Post

1 Year Pediatrcian Visit

Yup, we’re off track again! They wanted us to come in the day after the the wedding but we knew that wasn’t possible so the next closest appointment date to Kye’s actual birthday was St.… View Post

Summary of Month 11

Here’s what all went down during Kye’s 11th month! Two things in one hand: Kye worked very hard at being able to pick up two things in one hand. I don’t really get why this… View Post