Post Baby Body

I heard many, many horror stories about the postpartum period. I am not saying that I have had a textbook postpartum period, but this is my experience! I’m now 15 days past the date of… View Post

Officially Full Term

When I walked into the dr. yesterday the first thing Stacy said to me was. “as of tomorrow you’re full term!” I hadn’t even realized that! Isn’t that amazing to think that is Clover came… View Post

Half-Way to the Finish Line!

So while in California I hit the 19th week of my pregnancy! It seems like it is FLYING by!!! It’s really hard to believe that I’m about half-way there and I hope the next 4… View Post

ohhhh nooooo

So I was just checking my facebook and scratching the side of my stomach when I felt something wrong…and so I looked down and I don’t believe it…I really don’t….STRETCH MARKS!!!! I’m a HUGE HUGE… View Post