Further Prevention Against SIDS

UPDATE: the mattress cover originally linked in this post is no longer available. The company who makes the mattress cover is called BebeSafe and I was able to find some available from this retailer 🙂 … View Post

Britt’s 1st Well Visit

When you have a new baby you go to the hospital about two days after you get home to have them checked and then about two weeks later you take them to the pediatrician to… View Post

Infant CPR Class – Quick Facts You Need to Know

Zach and I both took a CPR class for a semester in college (It was the CRAZIEST class…Zach and I were both in it along with his high school sweetheart who he dated for like… View Post

4 Month Check Up

I hate that we are so off on Kye’s appointments! This Wednesday Kye had his 4 month check-up, even though he’s more like 4 1/2 months. His 6 month check-up he’ll be a week shy… View Post

Week 12 Summary

Week Change Ok, so I’m an idiot. But I also think this whole age thing is confusing as crap! When we are born we are in our 1st year but then we turn 1 year… View Post