Tess’s RSV :(

I have never, ever experienced a sick baby. I have always counted my blessings when it comes to my kids and their health. Britt legit just got sick for the first time of her entire… View Post

A Day of Dr. Visits

So much for trying to rest and relax before my two major vacations! This morning I had my obgyn visit as I blogged about earlier…and this afternoon Kye and I had a nice little rush-as-fast-as-we-can… View Post

The Flu

Typically whenever “the crud” goes around I’ve never really worried about it. I swear we’re like super-human around here about how rarely we get sick. Zach and I don’t get sick often and Kye’s never… View Post

Random Bite

I was pumped to put the new-to-me jogging stroller to use Monday morning so Kye and I headed out early for a nice long walk (the jogging stroller is AWESOME btw…such a smoother ride compared… View Post


WARNING: Yes, this post will be very long. And yes, there will be several pictures showing this awful rash. Be prepared!!! As mentioned in an earlier post, Kye has been sick for the first time… View Post