Zach’s Results

If you aren’t a regular blog reader be sure to read this post to be up to speed on everything! The past couple of weeks have been tough. The time of “waiting” isn’t easy and… View Post

Prayers for Zach

I’m just gonna start by saying I hate, hate, hate writing these types of posts. I don’t mind writing them when asking for prayers for others. I’ll raise my hand in class and ask for some prayers… View Post

Back to Back Issues

I have been putting off blogging about Zach’s back for two reasons: 1) we STILL don’t have closure from the guy’s insurance who is at fault for the back issues and 2) I kept holding… View Post


As many of you probably already know, Ashleigh passed away yesterday morning. I first learned of her passing via Facebook and I just kept refreshing the screen over and over in hopes that maybe someone… View Post

Light and Momentary

One year ago today I shared Ashleigh’s story. At that time she was 35 weeks pregnant with her second child, while I was right about the same with Tess. While I was sitting there feeling… View Post