1 Day Shy of 38 Weeks OBGYN Appointment

Since I just had an appointment on Friday, at 37 weeks, I’m not sure if I should still consider this morning’s appointment as my week 37 one or go ahead and call it the week 38 one since I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow! 

I’m thankful this morning was one of those quick appointments! I had planned to take the kids to the movies (they have dollar days during the summer) and we made it just in time for the movie 🙂 

I was able to see Stacy and she said right when she saw me that I looked like I wasn’t feeling so great…um that’s for sure!  My pregnancy symptoms went from feeling pretty good to feeling like I’m falling apart in just 6 days haha!

We listened to the heart beat right away and it was in the high 130’s – low 140’s. I will discuss all my symptoms in more detail tomorrow (assuming no baby before that post!) but I asked her about having my calves cramp and she showed me the proper way to stretch them and recommended taking some magnesium to possibly help. I mentioned the pressure/pain I feel down there and she just said it’s normal and there isn’t much to do to help it feel any better! I also had her look at my belly button. Y’all. You will see it tomorrow but that junk is HUGE and really pokes out! She also said it looked normal as did my belly button piercing area. So all good news although not much help to relieve any of my issues haha!

When she checked me I asked her to also check just to make sure I’m not leaking any fluid and that test came back fine! When she did the check she said she was surprised by how much progress I made since last visit! Last week the baby was at a -3 station, I was 2 cm dilated, and she said my cervix was very thick still at about 50%. Today? She said I’m still in the 2 cm range but closer to 3 cm in dilation, the baby has dropped some and is now a -2 station, and my cervix has thinned a TON and is at 70%. 

She said, not once, but twice that she could be wrong but that she thinks this baby is on it’s way SOON. As in like I won’t be at another appointment type soon. Y’all! It’s getting’ REAL!!! I am not freaking out or anything because I know that it’s just casual conversation and that the baby could still be awhile away but she seemed like the cervix thinning amount was a big deal and that it made her think the time is coming close!!!

When I got up from the check I had a good bit of blood which has never happened to me before. Like enough that it was through the thing I was laying on and went to the under cushion part! I stuck my head out the door and asked where the wipes were to clean it b/c I did not want anyone seeing that junk! I didn’t have any more of the blood the rest of the day though and Stacy said it was very normal to have that happen!

I debated all morning about when to make my appointment for next week. Mr. Rusty has his biopsy tomorrow (prayers please!!!) and we will know the results next week. So it’s just really, really bad timing. Who wants to have their baby delivered the same time someone they love may be getting some not-so-wonderful news?!?! Stacy ended up being on call for Thursday (which means she’s unavailable for appointments) so it made the choice easy on us and I made the appointment for Wednesday morning. We are thinking Mr. Rusty won’t have his results that quickly and the day Zach and I both have predicted as the baby’s birthday is July 23rd…which is next Wednesday 🙂 At this point I’m thinking it could be sooner than then but we will see!!! I def would like to hold out until Wednesday if possible since I have a hair and nail appointment early next week and especially b/c my amazing birthing photographer is out of town until Wednesday!

Since I had my 38 week visit while pregnant with Britt when I was one day shy of 39 weeks I really shouldn’t compare this visit to that one, right? I’m an entire week away from that! So instead I will compare to my 37 week visit with her as I was 37 weeks and 3 days and today I’m 37 weeks and 6 days so it’s def a closer comparison! With Britt I was -2 station, 70% effaced, and 2 cm dilated. And I didn’t have her until 3 days shy of my due date (I went to two additional appointments after this one). Seeing that makes me feel like I shouldn’t think labor is all that soon?!?! I mean I am slightly more dilated than I was then but not much?!?! 

With Kye at this point I was -1 station, 90% effaced and 1 cm. I feel like you can’t compare your first pregnancy checks with your others b/c that first baby is SO different in preparing for labor. I think comparing to Britt is more realistic since she was my 2nd baby?!?! Also though I know every pregnancy is different!!! Just because I was at this same point with her doesn’t mean I won’t have the baby sooner than I had her. Luckily I’m totally ready either way 🙂 

You can read about this appointment from Britt’s pregnancy here and from Kye’s here!

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