Nursing Scarf Giveaway!!!

When I was on the hunt for some practical breastfeeding supplies for Casey for her baby shower gift, I wanted to get her a nursing cover. However, I have owned my fair share of nursing… View Post

Brittlynn Summary of Month 9

Everything Britt-Britt was up to during her 9th month of life (August 6th-Sept 5th)…yes 9th. Goodness this child is growing up quick!!! Solids: Solids are still going beautifully. I’m so, so thankful we used the… View Post

Britt’s Summary of Month 4

This is Britt’s first officially monthly summary! While I didn’t really have enough stuff to cover weekly posts anymore…it sure is a hassle to have SO much to write for a monthly one. Oh well,… View Post

Week Six Summary

~I’m one follower away from 200 and a super exciting giveaway! I’ve ordered the prize and when I showed Zach what I got he said I should keep it for myself…it’s that awesome 😉 ~… View Post