What to do Before You Give up Breastfeeding

What to do Before you Give Up Breastfeeding. So often breastfeeding is made out to be something that will come naturally, easily and be a smooth process. However, that is rarely the case. Breastfeeding is most… View Post

The Last Nursing Session

The Last Nursing Session Tonight I nursed you for the last time. At 13 ½ months old you are no longer nursing for the nourishment I provide. You drink whole milk like a champ and… View Post

Tess Summary of Month 6

Tess turned 5 months old on Dec 31st so her 6th month of life was from December 31st – January 30th.  Nursing:  Nursing is going so well. I wish all moms who struggle in the… View Post

Tess Summary of Month 5

Tess’s 5th month of life was from November 30 – December 30th. During this month she was 4 months old. Nursing: This month we really got in a good groove with bottle feeding. Tess started doing… View Post

Week 14 Summary

This is the LAST weekly summary for Tess! I bought a little journal before she was born and used it for taking notes and by week 14 that junk was filled. I stopped earlier with… View Post