Monster Day!

I got home from Memphis at 2 am on a Saturday morning (June 22nd if anyone was wondering just how far behind I am!). Thankfully my sweet husband let me sleep a little later than our usual… View Post

Britt’s First Lowe’s Workshop

I have been very excited about Britt dropping the morning nap! It means we can do more things TOGETHER as a family! Since Kye was roughly Britt’s age he and Zach have LOVED going to… View Post

Waiting for Blitzen

It’s amazing to me how different it is to be pregnant a second time. At this point with my first pregnancy I was dying for it to be over. I hated all things pregnant and… View Post

Lowe’s Workshop Fun!

Back in OCTOBER (yes, the post has been a long time coming…) Zach took Kye on a guy’s morning out so Mom and I could go shopping for my birthday. While we were shopping I… View Post