Britt’s First Lowe’s Workshop

I have been very excited about Britt dropping the morning nap! It means we can do more things TOGETHER as a family! Since Kye was roughly Britt’s age he and Zach have LOVED going to Lowe’s for the Build and Grow Workshops they have every other Saturday morning. While they don’t get to go to them all, they have been to quite a few over the years!

In celebration of Britt completing her first non-morning nap week, we went to Lowe’s for her first Workshop experience! We had some house stuff to buy so we did our shopping first. I love the awesome shopping cart seats they have! 

We were the first ones to the workshop and they got to make Mike and Sully from the Monsters Inc movies! Yall know I LOVE me some Disney themed stuff 🙂

The workshops are always free and include an apron, goggles, the supplies you need to build the project (and instructions!), and each station has a hammer. Once the project is finished each child gets a certificate and a free patch to add to their aprons! I love that Kye has so many and he loves wearing his apron to the workshops (and he has SUCH a good Daddy who sews/irons them on each time!).

I helped Britt 🙂 

What’s amazing is I never smashed my finger with the hammer…Zach on the other hand did, twice!

I think it’s SO funny how all four of us have our mouths wide open in concentration!

Britt’s Apron! (yes, her tag says “Brook” I felt bad correcting them so I had Zach do it haha)

Making the scary monster sounds 🙂

We had to run to Walmart after Lowe’s and the new toys provided endless entertainment!

Zach and Kye have been such regulars at the event that they actually had used a picture of them for their advertising. When Zach was there recently, they gave him the picture they had up. I LOVE that Zach does stuff like this with our children. It’s so special that they will have memories of things they did just with Daddy. So many of their memories are with me since I stay home and I’m thankful Zach is always so devoted to family time on his time away from working. I’m excited that Britt will now get to participate in the fun!

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