Summary of Month 6

This month has been a big one for our little boy! Lots of changes and tons of growth…he’s gone from a baby to a little man 🙂 Newest Sound It seems like every month Kye… View Post

Babywise II – New Schedule

While I’m on my Babywise II kick I thought I’d talk some more about the book and things I learned from it! Besides the re-parenting idea I also LOVE the idea of independent playtime. I… View Post

Summary of Month Four

Obviously, I’ve stopped the weekly Kye updates as changes have been less often I feel it can be summed up once a month in one LONG post! So here goes nothing! Here are the changes… View Post

Week Ten Summary

We’re in the double digits now! So crazy! Here’s what’s been up with Kye this past week: Rice Cereal: As I mentioned in an earlier post Zach really wanted to try giving Kye rice cereal… View Post