Week Six Summary

~I’m one follower away from 200 and a super exciting giveaway! I’ve ordered the prize and when I showed Zach what I got he said I should keep it for myself…it’s that awesome 😉 ~… View Post

Movin’ to Roomtime

Since my Babywise days I’ve been a big believer in independent playtime. While I don’t feel like I structure Kye’s awake time enough, independent playtime is something I’ve stuck very religiously too and I already… View Post

Summary of Month 13

I’ve decided to continue to monthly update trend for at least the next year until the individual months stop counting! Here’s what’s been going on with Kye the first month of his 2nd year! Stroller:… View Post

Summary of Month 9

It’s been a BUSY month for Mr. Kye!!! Crib: One afternoon Zach and I were eating lunch or something and we heard Kye bust out laughing on the monitor. We had to go in there… View Post

Summary of Month 8

This month has been CRAZY with the many, many changes Kye has gone through. I love that every day brings something new!!! It’s such an exciting time in his life! Ball: While at Disney we… View Post