How to Help Relieve a Gassy Baby

Whew. Nothing will drive you more crazy as a mom of a newborn as much as GAS will. Gas issues not only can cause pain for your little one but can also wreck havoc on… View Post

Week Five Summary

Brittlynn’s fifth week of life was from January 3rd – January 9th. Here is what she was up to during this week (and it’s a LOT): Sleep: Whew. Week five was MEGA tough. I wanted… View Post

Week 14 Summary

I’m still waiting for the week to come when there isn’t something to say! Maybe kids never stop having interesting weeks? It seems like stuff is ALWAYS changing!!! Doesn’t he look so much older? Turns… View Post

Heading Home

Before leaving the hospital they weighed me! I’m lucky in that I had my check up the morning I went into labor so I know exactly how much weight I gained overall. 39 lbs! Thank… View Post