Officially Full Term

When I walked into the dr. yesterday the first thing Stacy said to me was. “as of tomorrow you’re full term!” I hadn’t even realized that! Isn’t that amazing to think that is Clover came… View Post

Dropped? Breach?

Zach and I had such a fun time last night (or should I say tonight?). We stayed up until 12:30 making up floorplans on this website he found for our next home! It was sooo… View Post

30 Week Update

I realized the other day that throughout my pregnancy I haven’t really had that many “pregnancy symptoms” or at least if I have had them I haven’t noticed. Well, those days are over. I’m in… View Post

Sleep? What’s Sleep?

I have yet to experience many of the pregnancy symptoms I have read about: Still never hungry, no true I’ll-die-if-I-don’t-get-to-eat-this cravings, no nose bleeds, and (thankfully!) no hemroids.However I am experiencing a couple of the… View Post