Transitioning From 3 Naps to 2 With Babywise

If you’re wondering when to start transitioning from 3 naps to 2 with your baby, you’re in luck! I have some helpful tips from Babywise on when and how to do it. First, you may… View Post

Free Playtime: Babywise Style

Babywise II talks about the importance of free playtime for your baby. It isn’t a time when you allow the baby to cruise around the house doing whatever they want but it’s times when the… View Post

Summary of Month 8

This month has been CRAZY with the many, many changes Kye has gone through. I love that every day brings something new!!! It’s such an exciting time in his life! Ball: While at Disney we… View Post

Babywise II – New Schedule

While I’m on my Babywise II kick I thought I’d talk some more about the book and things I learned from it! Besides the re-parenting idea I also LOVE the idea of independent playtime. I… View Post

Loving the Concept of Never Re-Parenting

Duh, I loved Babywise and I’m actually even MORE in love with Babywise II! It is meant for a parent of a baby who is between the ages of 5 months old and 15 months… View Post