The Joys of a Baby Boy

As we all know, I was 90% positive that my little “Clover” was a girl. And most of you (although now, after the fact, sooo many people feel the need to say “I totally thought… View Post

24 Hours in the Hospital

I promise I won’t be blogging about every single detail of every single day but these first couple of weeks have SO much stuff happening and so many useful things to know and remember! After… View Post

First Outfits

First I must update about my earlier blog entry this morning: One detail I forgot to leave out (blame that placenta brain!) was the reason I woke up to begin with…my panities were too tight!… View Post

Garage Sale Shopping

Last weekend Zach and I were looking forward to going garage sale shopping but we decided instead to go to Thomasville and order our baby furniture! So we were pumped this week to follow through… View Post