Garage Sale Shopping

Last weekend Zach and I were looking forward to going garage sale shopping but we decided instead to go to Thomasville and order our baby furniture! So we were pumped this week to follow through with our garage sale plans!

We got up at 7:30 (we were excited…but not excited enough to be Early Birds!) and our power was out! Some girl was drinking and driving at 5 am and hit a power line pole in front of Valwood School and it knocked out our neighborhoods power. We decided we weren’t going to let that stop us so I got ready in the dark (and just didn’t have a choice but to wear my hair curly) and we headed out!

It was so fun! We found some really great things and didn’t even spend much money! I had heard that garage sales often have good baby stuff…but I was shocked at all the things we found! Books that were practically new, clothes that look like they’ve never been worn, and awesome toys!

Of course Zach saw this and had to have it…it attaches to a bicycle and can fit two children to go on bike rides. When we haggled with the owner I made sure to tell her to give us a good deal considering we don’t even OWN any bicycles! haha

Zach also got himself lots of used golf balls, a toddler sized Nike jersery for our child (it will be packed away once we find out it’s a GIRL), and a pop-up basketball goal for children ages 5 and over.

I stuck to more practical things like books, neutral clothes, and educational toys. We even found some items still in the box! It was so fun and I can’t wait to go do it again 🙂 And lucky for us we got home with the power restored 🙂

Afterward, once Ashley woke up (at 1:00), we went looking at all the local Baby Stores. We checked out T.J.Maxx and they have awesome stuff!!! Every time Zach and I look at baby clothes we never love the stuff…Zach is honestly pickier than I am and hates all the animals, stars, and little baby things on the clothes. T.J.Maxx will be our place! They have ADORABLE Polo stuff and little Puma tracksuits! I can’t wait to take our baby in there in March and do some hardcore shopping with our tax rebates!

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