First Outfits

First I must update about my earlier blog entry this morning:

One detail I forgot to leave out (blame that placenta brain!) was the reason I woke up to begin with…my panities were too tight! They were seriously digging into me hardcore. Up until now I’ve been wearing my size small panties (and yes, I still rock a thong all day everyday but wear the panties at night) but I realized it’s time to invest in some mediums! Thankfully Victoria’s Secret is still having that Semi-Annual Sale!

Due to the panty issue, it does make me thing dropping has occurred! Also the movement I feel is still feet up and hiccups down (thank the Lord) but the feet movement is more a little above the belly button rather than in my ribs. I’m not going to say FOR SURE that Clover has dropped until I hear it from the ultrasound girl on Thur but I think that is what has happened!

Now back to current blogging…

Did you know that the hospital actually takes the baby’s first picture? I was pretty excited about this and while it’s most likely a shot I’ll never use for anything other than to put on here and in the baby book, it’s still the FIRST real picture! A pretty big deal! So Zach and I decided to drive to Lake Park yesterday to the amazing (sarcasm) outlets and pick out one boy outfit and one girl outfit for Clover to wear in the picture. What is really neat and really hit home is that Clover will be here before the 90 day return policy so we can take back the outfit for the opposite sex (most like the boy one haha).

I was shocked (why do these things still shock me…shouldn’t I realize by now that I have an awesome husband?) how fun Zach was! I thought he’d get annoyed but we must have looked at the girl outfits for 30 min and he didn’t act bored once! He was into it! He LOVED this little blue dress but it only came in a 3 month size and he didn’t even worry with price! We had a dress all picked out with matching little pants but then we went to the boy side and not even 5 minutes after going over there we found the perfect little outfits (and yes, I had the sales clerk take a picture…this will be the first thing our child wears…it’s exciting…make fun of me if you want).

We got little white onesies (short sleeved) to wear under them but aren’t they adorable?They look like US which is what we wanted! I like that they are cuddly and while they may not be ultra comfy Clover only has to wear it for the picture. We don’t plan on buying an outfit for Clover to wear home though…we thought it’d be nice to let our moms go together and pick out something once we know the sex and everything!

Zach even said that he plans to go shopping with me for baby clothes! This make me excited because it was so fun doing it together and will be even MORE fun when Clover is with us! We saw a little baby girl while we were in there and Zach went on and on about how cute she was. So sweet!

Speaking of so sweet…we all know I didn’t get any sleep last night. Well when I got up I didn’t feel like showering so I just kept my hair curly from yesterday for church and wore khaki pants and a top (my first time not wearing a dress to church this whole pregnancy) and just really didn’t care. Well all the college kids were back from break (so they haven’t seen me for a MONTH) and this one guy, Wade, made my morning! He came up to me after services and said “Emily you look GREAT!” Most people either a) make a joke about me being big or b) say I’m cute. But no one says GREAT. He even said he told other people that during church! Wasn’t that nice????


  1. GTB
    January 11, 2009 / 9:44 pm

    So perfect for Clover! You two are going to be the best parents ever!

  2. Anonymous
    January 12, 2009 / 12:41 am

    That was very sweet, isn’t it cool when people are so nice! 🙂 You will be SHOCKED to hear, but even Macy’s NEWBORN clothes were to big for her for about a week! She wore a premie outfit her daddy bought her! But, Clover could be a big baby!! hee hee GOSH I hope not for your sake!Rachael

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