Pre~Easter Fun

When it comes to holidays, I think Christmas and Easter have a monopoly on activities. It seems like we are always SO busy with pre-Christmas and pre-Easter stuff! I feel like every year we end up with like 10 egg hunting experiences. 

I lumped all of our pre-Easter stuff into one post ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that both Britt and Kye are in school I get to visit each of their classes for their egg hunts. I’m thankful they didn’t end up on the same day! Britt’s class had a great party…it was a TON of food. Like it was full on lunch! She was so thrilled to have Tess and I there and it was a really fun morning with her. 

Every single time I visit Britt’s class I think “I could never be a preschool teacher” haha

Each child got to hunt a certain number of eggs. Britt did great with her counting!

Tess had fun hanging with us ๐Ÿ™‚

My girls!

For Kye’s class egg hunt we had it at our house! Kye was possibly more excited about the get together at our house for the egg hunt than he was for his birthday party ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kid LOVES to host (he gets that honest!). It was a little nerve-wracking because the weather kept changing and we were having a lot of rain. I was nervous about it having to be moved inside…I mean his class is small but an egg hunt indoors would be a tad insane? Thankfully the weather held off for us and it all worked out great!

Waiting for everyone to arrive

His teacher got each student a cute basket with goodies

The moms went out back to hide the eggs while the class read a book about Easter

I kept Britt home from school that day so she could join in the activities. She was HILARIOUS. She acted like she was just one of the crew. She kept asking his teacher to help her with stuff and kept talking and making herself comfortable as a kindergartner. She wasn’t shy AT ALL with his friends!

Ready to hunt!

After the hunt everyone had their snacks outside and did a craft

Then the kids all enjoyed the playground together. Kye loved having his class over to play and we are planning another get together with everyone for the last day of school ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring Break started the day after Kye’s egg hunt. I was really excited to hear about Chick-Fil-A having an Easter breakfast. They had a deal where you could get free chicken minis, Easter decorations, crafts, free lemonade icees, and even pics with the Easter Bunny. The timing worked out great for Tess’s schedule and I was looking forward to some family fun. Sadly poor Tess was sick (more on that later but Zach actually took her to the walk in clinic while I was hosting Kye’s Egg Hunt) so she needed to stay at home. I still took the big kids and we had THE BEST TIME. It was really awesome and my heart hurt that Tess had to miss it!!!

Britt FINALLY likes the Easter Bunny!

He did this 100% on his own. Child is growing up! I kept trying to help and he was like “Mom, I got it!” It is a frame magnet for the fridge and they printed off copies of the pics of the kids with the bunny to put in the frames! Super cute!

They even gave out goody bags that included coupons to use at a future visit. Can I just say I LOVE CFA!

We hung out in the playground for a bit before heading home. A family came in with an older boy (probably around 11 or 12) who had a 1-2 year old little sister. Of course I talked to him and asked him how he liked having a sibling that much younger than him. If he liked helping or if it was annoying. Etc. I’m all about grilling some random strangers. But I know Kye will be much older by the time we have the last baby and I’m always interested in seeing how that dynamic will be. I don’t know if this kid was just being polite or not but he was really sweet with the younger sister and said he likes helping with her. So it gives me hope ๐Ÿ™‚

Last year I tried to get all cute and crafty with my egg coloring and it totally was a disaster. This year I went back to being simple and old fashioned. I hardboiled eggs the day prior (no broken ones, thankyouverymuch), we colored them with crayons, then we died them and were DONE with it. I decided that I straight up despise coloring eggs. If Zach’s family ever decides to switch it up and do plastic eggs I can see the Easter Bunny just hiding plastic ones at our house too. Egg dying is not my favorite thing. At all! 

Tess was pumped for her first egg coloring experience!

Tess’s first Easter egg!

The day prior to Easter (the same day we colored the eggs) our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt at our park. Zach really, really didn’t want to go. But the timing ended up working out where we could be there (rain delays made them move it to 4 which was perfect for us!) and I basically begged haha. I mean it’s FREE and the kids have fun and it’s in our neighborhood. There really isn’t any excuse not to go?!?! 

They had two huge bounce houses and the kids had a BLAST with them. I don’t see us ever renting a bounce house (hello it’d cost my whole party budget!) but I see the appeal. Kids just LOVE them! 

The egg hunt was split into age groups. Britt and Tess were in the same age group and Kye was in the older one. It being Tess’s first egg hunt I felt like I needed to stay with her and Britt to take pics of them and Zach held Tess. So Kye went to the big kid section on his own. We could see him the whole time but it was still a big step! It is SUCH a blessing to fully trust him. I knew he’d be fair and nice and wouldn’t get in some fist fight or something crazy over an egg. I did see him trip up over another child but he didn’t let it stop him or slow him down and I was glad to see him be tough when it happened! 

I’m not sure Tess is too thrilled about the egg hunting!

Tess’s dress is actually the one Britt wore for her first Easter.  Britt was right at 4 months old when she wore it…Tess is wearing it at 8 months old. It’s crazy how LITTLE she is! 

The bunny may have been a tad creepier than the one at CFA but at least Tess got to meet him! And no tears either!

I’m proud of myself for letting go of the we-must-visit-the-Easter-Bunny tradition. Yes, it worked out where Tess did get to see an “Easter Bunny” but I didn’t feel like I had to load em up and go to the mall for the traditional picture like I used to do. I didn’t like that tradition so I stopped doing it! I really appreciate the great advice from my friend Kelly about that!  (You can see Britt’s bunny meeting here and Kye’s here)

While I think everyone agrees that pre-Christmas activities are more fun, Easter ones are pretty awesome too. Springtime is such beautiful weather (when it’s not raining!) and egg hunts never get old…neither does raiding the kids candy stashes after they go to bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

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