Parker Family Vacation: Part 3

Our last full day of the trip kicked off with a big breakfast. Kye and Britt went with Zach and Mrs. Charlotte to some awesome donut place in PCB that did not disappoint. I love the excitement of Kye talking to Payton about it 🙂

The big kid cousins 🙂 Britt is THRILLED to be part of the crew now!

Ready for more beach fun!

I try on every trip to make sure I make a special memory with each child. With Kye this trip it was for sure our naps and with Tess it was our pool fun together (which there aren’t any pictures of b/c I was in the pool with her!) and with Britt it was building some sand castles together. I love quality time with my babies!

The best part of the family trips is seeing our kids with their cousins and grandparents. Precious memories being made that we will always hold special!

That nap game is strong 🙂

That afternoon Zach helped cook dinner so I had the three kids in the big pool. It was a little overwhelming and nerve-wracking to say the least! I did invent this fun game with Britt and Tess that helped keep my eye on them both. I had Tess in a baby float and would use her and my arms to make a bridge for Britt to swim under. She loved it and Tess loved it and Kye was happily diving with Colt and Payton so we were good!

We ate dinner in the condo that Courtney’s crew and Casey’s crew were sharing and they had a wall of all mirrors. Tess was so cute kissing herself!

Kye’s becoming my photography assistant. He set up this shot for me 😉

No better way to end a busy, fun trip than snuggles with my sweet baby girl. She did awesome on the ride home the next day and we were all BEAT! Even with naps and solid sleep, the beach just has a way of making you exhausted! The kids said this trip was one of the major highlights of their summer and I’m so thankful to Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte for hosting and making it happen! 

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