The Park in the Mountains

Being cooped up in the condo at Big Canoe all day got a little boring for poor Kye and he was in desperate need of some outdoor playtime. Luckily, Zach got home early on Tuesday night and we drove down the mountain some to the community playground/park area. It was SO nice and we were the only ones there so Kye could go wild and have fun! Here’s some highlights of our family time together.

He loved jumping on the bridge

 Daddy’s helping

 love that cute little tongue

 “hey Mom!”

 This was the biggest slide Kye’s EVER seen

 Here’s a video of his sliding in action

notice the HUGE lump in his diaper haha

 Of course Zach wanted to see how long Kye could hang on the monkey bars

 he lasted for almost 30 seconds!

 I love this bashful face

Here’s a video of Kye riding the horsey like a crazy person

 playing with Daddy

 gotta have a Crazy Boy Kye moment right?

 Yay for our fun afternoon!

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