Kye’s 12 Year Old Well Check Pediatrician Visit

We had Kye’s 12 year well check up visit at the pediatrician’s office on March 11th. I had originally scheduled the appointment for when Spear was out of school but realized now that Kye is… View Post

My First Mammogram: What to Expect

What to expect when experience a mammogram for the first time. I’m 36 years old and had the first-time experience of going to get a mammogram. There are certain areas of adulthood that I’ve always… View Post

Kye’s 12th Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

A letter to my son on his 12th birthday from Mom Dear Kye, When you were little and I’d think ahead to the future I’d always feel a twinge of sadness and dread. I couldn’t… View Post

Kye’s 12th Birthday Celebration

Celebrating Kye’s 12th Birthday! Our first baby turned TWELVE on March 4th! It’s insane to think I’ve been a parent for 12 years now and it’s a true honor to get to be his mama.… View Post

Monthly Family Recap: February 2021

All of our moments from February 2021! The kids got new scooters this month just in time for the weather to start warming up a bit! Spear was SO pumped to get a scooter too… View Post