Our Adoption Story – The Journey to our Son

A couple of years ago I was asked by Love What Matters to share our adoption story. Of course the journey to our son, Spear, is very special to our family and his adoption story… View Post

Spear School Summary: Spring 2021

Spear LOVED this school year in the 2.5 year old preschool class! He adored his teachers and his friends, especially “Allen” and the toy tractor in the classroom 😉 School has been SO great for… View Post

Tess School Summary: Spring 2021

It breaks my heart for Tessie that she has YET to have a normal school year. Her kindergarten year got cut short with the shutdown and then her first grade year was far from normal.… View Post

Britt School Summary: Spring 2021

Out of all of my babies Britt is THE happiest that the kids were all able to be in the classroom this school year. She has appreciated every single day and loves being with her… View Post

Kye School Summary: Spring 2021

As we all know the 2020 – 2021 school year was anything but normal! I’m so incredibly thankful to all of the staff and local community who came together to allow our babies to learn… View Post