Neighborhood Halloween Party

We had the Bacon Halloween Party Friday night, Trunk or Treat Sat night, and by Sunday I was over us wearing the costumes everywhere. We had our neighborhood party and it was so warm out that I figured we’d all be more comfortable in just Halloween colored outfits!

I took leftovers from the Bacon party (shhh don’t tell anyone haha) to the neighborhood event. It was a great picnic dinner and beautiful weather for it! They had a costume contest (which obviously we didn’t participate in), bounce houses, a hay ride and of course the neighborhood playground. Kye LIVED in the bounce houses and Britt enjoyed the playground so we all had a fun time!

 Britt LOVED watching the costume contest and wanted to be with the other kids!

 Hay Ride Time!

We thought the hay ride would go around a little loop and come right back but it was more of a Gilligan’s Island theme ride…a three hour tour that we weren’t sure if we’d ever return back from! We made fast friends with a sweet mom and her little girls next to us and it was so funny watching Kye as he scooted closer and closer to her older daughter. He told us later that he thought she was pretty and that he wanted to play with her sometime (she’s 6…going for the older ladies now huh?). 

While playing with Britt on the playground a little girl, younger than Kye, came up to me and asked me to tie her shoe. I didn’t see ANY parent nearby. She kinda clung on to me and asked me to push her in the swing and went up to another mom and asked her to help her with something too. I felt concerned and worried for her since I didn’t see a parent anywhere around us. When we were on the hayride I realized the situation…the girl’s dad yelled at the hayride driver to drop him off at their house. And he seemed out of it…had been drinking or using something else? I’m not sure and I’m not wanting to mis-judge but my heart broke for that little girl. She obviously is used to being neglected by him since she eagerly came up to other parents at the playground. He wasn’t watching her at ALL and that is SO scary. Just because it’s a neighborhood event doesn’t mean that something horrible couldn’t have happened. I’m hardcore about ALWAYS having an eye on my children. It really struck a cord with me and made me so thankful that my husband is SUCH an attentive and good daddy. 

When we (finally) finished the hayride the drivers offered us some free fruit they had. Of course we took a couple things and the kids were excited to have whole apples. I’d never thought to give them whole ones before? We washed them up and went outside to enjoy them! We also got to see another hayride pass by and wave to all our friends and neighbors!

 He found this ring and was so crunk about it haha

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  1. Jordyn
    December 11, 2013 / 2:46 pm

    It sounds like you live in a great community. My husband and I recently moved to a new home at the beginning of the year in a gated community in Malibu right before our first son was born; and the events that go on in your neighborhood reminds me very much of ours. I completely agree with you about the young child seeking attention from other parents due to being neglected by her own parents; I found it sad to read so I cannot imagine what it was like for you having to witness it. I am praying for her. On a completely different topic, I recently read your post on your privacy scare/s (copyright infringement) and you mentioned that you don't know where people are finding your blog; so I thought I might share with you how I found your blog. When I was about 5 months pregnant with my little boy I was having concerns about my growth (even though my doctor told me that the baby's growth was on track), which is when I decided that I wanted to find out if any other expectant moms were experiencing that so I would search for pregnancy blogs, which is how I found yours. I wanted to thank you personally for your blog, I find it fascinating to watch how other to-be parents are feeling as well as how their daily lives have transformed after having children. Just one question, are you a stay at home mom and if not, how do you handle work and family time because my son is now 7 months old and I work five days a week at three different hospitals as a pediatrician as well as at my practice on Monday's and Friday's and I'm afraid that I am going to miss out on some important milestones. Sorry for the extremely long comment but I wanted to express my gratitude as well as some personal advice. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks again.

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