Trunk or Treat 2013

Every year our church has a Trunk or Treat event. I love that is a chance to put our Halloween costumes to good use…you spend all that money and time getting them together, it’s nice to have lots of opportunities to wear them ya know? 

This year it was, once again, perfectly timed for our family’s schedule. 5:00-7:00 is prime time for us for sure! When we got the kids dressed and ready they both asked to go outside and take pics in their costumes haha I’m training them well 😉

The church was decorated SO cute!

Last year when Kye dreamt up our themed costumes he wanted Jordan and Casey to be part of our Neverland gang as well. He thought of the idea of Jordan being Smee and Casey being the crocodile! They agreed to dress the parts for our church function and it was fun to all be in theme 🙂

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee!


Smee and Tick Tock!

Enemies…perfect characters for the older brother and aggravating younger sister 😉

Sweet Cousins

Blowing Kisses

The Whole Neverland Crew!

It’s SO funny to me how kids choose who to be buddies with. I always assumed Colt and Kye would be the hardcore bffs and that as Britt got older she and Payton would be close. I’m not sure exactly why but right now Kye is in a BIG Payton phase and Britt is the one who ADORES Colt. She will ask for him constantly and follow him around everywhere. Isn’t that the most adorable thing ever? He is super protective of her and so sweet! I’m sure as they all get older all the “favorite cousins” will get flip flopped and switched around all the time but for now when we all get together it seems to be Kye with Pay and Colt with Britt 🙂

The church had TONS of fun games set up with lots of prizes!

And even HORSES!!!

Waving to the horseys

This face is PRICELESS. You ask Britt “What does a horse say?” and she makes this face and an awesome horse sound to go with it.

Trunk or Treat time! Last year we did a trunk so I was stuck with that and missed out on the kids walking around. This year we didn’t participate in the trunk decorating. Zach really isn’t into it and I don’t like to have to “push” him to do stuff he really doesn’t want to do, ya know? So I was fine with just participating in the fun and not in the decorating! It was neat to get to walk around with the kids and check out everyone elses trunks. Lazarus rising from the dead was probably my favorite…Mr. John is hilarious. And Kye loves him some Mrs Liz!

Don’t our kids have the best G-Mama? She is SO gorgeous too (inside and out of course!) and you can TOTALLY see how much Kye and Mrs. Char look alike in these pics!!!

You can look back at our past Trunk or Treat fun here:





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