Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020

Of COURSE the pandemic is happening during Mother’s Day. I saw a meme that said the world would be totally back to normal in time for Father’s Day. Because of course it will be!

I went into the day with ZERO expectations.

We had JUST gone camping which was so fun and Zach had some work lined up for the week following Mother’s Day so I was basically on CLOUD NINE. (You can read about my emotions through all of this here)

I just wanted to sleep in and have family time πŸ™‚ Zach asked for ideas of what to do and I suggested we go on a family walk.

I typically go on walks in the morning solo with the kids and thought it’d be fun to go as an entire family!

Family walks aren’t really Zach’s jam πŸ˜‰ why walk around if you’re not going anywhere? haha!

I found this tricycle thing that we had when Kye was a toddler and Spear wanted to ride in it for the walk. Of course everyone ended up wanting to take a turn!

My sweet Tessie spends our walks asking if she’s allowed to pick flowers for Mommy.

Once we got home I let her pick any flower from our yard πŸ™‚ Sweet girl!

Zach did AWESOME with the boys first corona haircuts…but then…he tried to go more pro and trim up the front a bit.


For lunch Zach took Spear to pick up Chicken Salad Chick for me and made a picnic lunch for the kids.

While he and Spear were gone the big kids and I played Mario Kart and UNO πŸ™‚

We drove the golf cart to an unfinished portion of our neighborhood for the picnic and it was such a pretty spot.

After we ate lunch we let the kids explore a bit in the wooded area.

Spear will just GO! Like “SEE YA!” zero fear at all for him.

Kye and Zach played some football and the girls looked for flowers to pick.

The ONLY thing I said I for sure wanted to do on Mother’s Day was get a good picture of me with the kids.

It’s always a struggle, am I right?

To be honest, I really really wanted a NATURAL picture. Not all standing there smiling at the camera. But I mean that’s basically impossible right now. Candid can’t happen unless it’s a truly candid picture and be real – husbands just DO NOT think to take pics the way we do!

So plastered smiles it is πŸ™‚

I love that I was able to get a solo pic with each kid too. They are each so, so special to me. I’m one lucky mommy!!!

We let the kids play a bit more and were just late for naps. Sometimes it’s okay to go a bit off schedule!

As a reward for smiling in the pictures I walked Spear down a bit to check out a parked tractor.

He is OBSESSED with all things construction. It’s adorable!

We got Spear down for a nap when we got back and the big kids and I enjoyed the GORGEOUS day in the pool while Zach went to golf.

Once Spear got up from nap we opened cards and my gift. I loved seeing my pretty flowers all day that the girls had gathered for me!

The kids always give such sweet and thoughtful cards.

Britt knows I like the romance scenes in movies so she drew a picture of Ron and Hermonie kissing.

Tessie wrote “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon” and drew a picture of Disney World with her and I at the castle and Mickey and Minnie with us.

Kye had a corona focus but also wrote the sweetest words about me not being a plain mom πŸ™‚

There were limited options when it came to shopping for a gift for me and the kids and Zach went to our local jewelry store with an appointment to choose an item for me.

The kids said they decided on this gorgeous necklace because it matches my wedding ring. So thoughtful!

The big kids and I have been watching old seasons of The Amazing Race together sometimes When Zach is traveling and they asked to watch it with me that night so I agreed and they played with my hair while we watched!

It’s not a show I’d be okay with them watching without me watching with them as there are some moments where I have to interject about some language or content that isn’t appropriate.

Zach has always watched some HGTV type shows with the kids and I’m just notttt into those kinds of shows (yall know I can’t stand home decor haha) so having The Amazing Race as a “mommy show” has been fun!

We always celebrate my Mother’s Day the day prior to actual Mother’s Day and even with all the chaos of life during pandemic it still worked out to do that again this year!

For Mother’s Day we had our FIRST get together with a group of people since Kye’s birthday celebration with Zach’s family in MARCH.

Zach’s mom really wanted to have all her kids and grandkids together to celebrate which I totally get!

Our usual tradition is that WE host Mother’s Day at our house and do a swim party with the family but this year we just weren’t comfortable with having SO many people in our house right at things were slowly starting to open back up.

I usually LOVE to host things but I also just wasn’t there yet. Not with comfortability but also just not feeling it. The idea of cleaning the house and getting everything ready just made me feel overwhelmed.

A nice advantage of quarantine life has been the slower pace of things and I wasn’t ready for that to end quite yet.

Plus…let’s be real…we’ve put off hardcore cleaning since no one has come over so I’d like to splurge on a cleaner to get it really nice and deep cleaned before hosting something haha!

We ended up all going over to Mrs Charlotte’s and doing a picnic style lunch.

It was such pretty weather (I know I keep saying that but FOR REAL our weather has been EPIC) and having everyone outside was more comfortable for us all.

We also did not have anyone outside of Mrs. Charlotte’s children there…none of the great-grandparents attended.

I felt really comfortable with the whole situation and the kids were SO EXCITED to see their cousins!

Our little fam went over before the siblings arrived and had church services with Zach’s parents.

It was so refreshing to worship together!

I know Mrs Charlotte was SO happy to be able to spend time together on Mother’s Day!

When the cousins arrived Tess said “Mommy can I hug Carter?”

Then she RAN to him to embrace him and said “All I wanted this WHOLE coronavirus was to hug Carter!”

They share such a special bond it’s so cute – we will def have to recreate this picture when they graduate high school someday!

It all couldn’t have gone better and I know Mrs Charlotte felt loved and appreciated and that’s what matters most!

Even though we celebrate my Mother’s Day the day prior…I still totally treated myself at dinner time and let the kids make their own πŸ˜‰

So thankful for the gift of motherhood. I never take it for granted and enjoy every opportunity to make memories with my sweet crew!

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