Mommy’s Little Helper

I really LOVE this age (I feel like I say that at every age don’t I?!?)! Kye is finally at a point where he enjoys helping. I take FULL advantage of that and have him help as much as possible. Sure, usually it makes things take longer but it’s so important for Kye to learn to help others, to be responsible, and to be independent.

When our house was on the market and I had to vacuum it quickly before we’d leave for someone to see it, Kye would drive me nuts. I figured a small kid would act like a dog does when you vacuum-he’d run and hide. Nope, not Kye! He LOVES it and will chase me trying to touch the vacuum and hold all the attachments. It gets very aggravating when I’m trying to clean, especially when I’m in a hurry. Zach was very against the idea of getting Kye his own vacuum (because it’s a girls job of course…) but I found one at the used kids sale for only $8 and we agreed to only let Kye play with it when I am vacuuming so he can “help” clean. It works WONDERS and keeps him busy long enough for me to finish up vacuuming without worrying about running him over. Here’s a video of Kye and his vacuum skills.

Mr. Mom (j/k Zach!)

After having Kye, Zach and I have tried our best to stick to Weight Watchers and maintain our goal weights so that means I don’t bake very often. Actually I probably only bake when Zach is out of town (I’ll bake myself a batch of cookies and eat them, and only them, the whole time he’s gone. I know it’s gross but it’s my ritual!). Recently at church they asked us to bake 4 dozen cookies to give to the people at the Soup Kitchen we host each month, which gave me an excuse to bake. I have some of the BEST memories of helping my mom bake cookies. I LIVED for licking the bowl and the only reason I have a KitchenAid Mixer is so one day my own children can share those same memories. While I was baking the cookies for church Kye showed a LOT of interest in the whole process which surprised me b/c he’s kinda young to help out…or so I thought. I did my best at letting him help me bake them and it was super fun (super messy yet fun too!). Here’s my attempt at a video. It was pretty impossible to hold a toddler, hold a bowl, and hold a camera but I tried 😉

Duh, as soon as the cookies were in the oven it was bowl lickin’ time! He LOVED that part (like mommy like son!). Here’s a video of Kye enjoying his hard work.

Shockingly these cookies do not have any vegetables mixed in!

notice he only had one beater to lick…I wonder who enjoyed the other one?

It really is GREAT having a little helper around the house and I’m looking forward to the next several years while Kye will enjoy doing little chores for me. I know the day will quickly come when he will realize that it’s not really cool to be helping your mom vacuum but I’m pretty sure he’ll always love to lick the bowl when I bake. I think that’s one chore we never get too old for huh?

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