Lots of Unknowns

Supposedly any day now I should be able to feel kicking! But I am clueless as to what that kicking will feel like. Everything I read says it will be similar to little gas bubbles in my stomach but then how do I know if it’s kicking or just gas? I’m pretty sure I’ve probably felt it but it’s not as awesome as I thought it would be because I am not positive that what I feel is kicking!

I wrote something about it on my facebook and Rachael sent me a link to a website that calculates when you should feel the kicking (or I think the official name is quickening or something). I was all excited about it but then it asked for the typical pregnancy calculator question: First Date of Your Last Menstrual Period.
Again another big unknown! Sure my last real one was on May 14th so I type that in and it tells me my baby will be due on Feb. 18th (almost a month sooner than the due date the dr has me down for). So that must be wrong right? So I try the next time I had any signs of a “Menstrual Period” which was an odd one on June 14th. It tells me my due date is March 21st (my original due date). I know that can’t be right because when we saw that ultrasound picture our baby WAS bigger than it should have been and that is why they changed my due date.
So something is off. The dr. told me that we conceived on or close to June 5th. Well then that means the June 14th mini-period was just implantation spotting and my last true “First Date of Menstrual Period” was on the May 14th and my due date is MUCH later than it should be.
SOOOO ANNOYING! I am a very well planned person and since I knew we were trying to get pregnant I kept excellent track of my info. So what’s the deal?
I talked with Autumn yesterday who will be taking pictures for us during delivery (yay!) and told her it should be somewhere around March 12th…what if it is a whole month early because the dates are wrong? Will they say my baby is a preemie because it isn’t born when they said it should be? I know Crissy had similar issues with this and I understand her pain much more now!
Katie bought me a subscription to Fit Pregnancy and Parenting which I am loving them both! However, reading the Fit Pregnancy one this morning brought about another unknown! My dr. office said my cure for migraines is to take 2 extra strength tylenol and drink 1 mountain dew EVERY three hours…and this article said mothers who use tylenol while pregnant give their babies a 70% greater chance of having asthma! So now should I trust that article or my dr?
The dr. also said spray tanning is fine so I ordered an at home system and then there is a whole article in there about how it’s ok for just your face and maybe arms but that you don’t want to do it too often or too much because the DHA in it can seep through your skin and affect the uterus. GRRR I AM SO ANNOYED RIGHT NOW!!! I want REAL answers not more questions!!!

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