Britt’s 10th Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

A letter to daughter on her 10th birthday. As a mom there are a lot of milestone moments and traditions that I cherish and writing these birthday letters for each of my children every year is among them! It can be hard at times watching my babies grow up over the years but I love taking the time to sit and reflect on the year behind as well as look forward to the things the lie ahead.

I also love these letters as a place to store all of the solo pictures taken throughout the year of me with the individual child. None of the others, just us! I am excited for the day to come when Britt is able to read and reflect on these letters and hope they fill her heart with joy in the way she has brought so much love to my life as my daughter – my first little girl!

A letter to daughter on her 10th birthday from mom - an annual tradition! A simple, easy, special birthday tradition to write a letter to your child on each year of their lives. This letter is to a 10 year old daughter from mom on her tenth birthday

Dear Britt,

It’s crazy to think that you are now double digits! In many ways the time has flown by but in many others I feel like you are just meant to be this age. This stage of life. Right now! You have blossomed into such an incredible young lady, one with so many amazing talents and personal strengths. I am constantly in awe of you. Not just your beauty (although that is stunning on its own) but of your core. That inner beauty and that spark that just makes you special and allows you to shine in such a bright way.

I probably say it every year but it’s true – every year is just better with you. We keep getting closer, you keep getting more and more amazing traits. I love the YOU that you are and also the ME that you help me to be by getting the gift of being your mom.

Tess is always worried about growing up and struggles to let go of childhood, but you embrace the changes of life and are more eager and excited about the days ahead. I know you are pumped for lots of girls trips. Shopping outings. Movie nights. Book clubs. You love all the girlie things and it makes me feel so special that you WANT to participate in those things with me.

Having a close relationship with you is something that is SO important to me. I know we won’t always be buddies. We butt heads plenty now and I know entering into the pre-teen stage of parenting that we will have plenty of bumps in the road to come too. But our bond is so strong and we both WANT that special mother-daughter relationship. I know that even when we have those tougher moments, we will always come back together better. Better at individuals and better as a team too.

You know I simply adore you. And I love the differences we have that help us be better versions of ourselves. One of the most incredible personality traits I see in you is the desire to constantly be growing. You are so reflective of yourself and so quick to see areas in which you want to grow, learn and become better in.

Yes, this growth mindset trait serves you very well in competitive environments. Now that you’re in the advanced class in gymnastics you talk about how some of the other girls being better than you pushes you to want to be better. How you want to work harder to be THE best. That drive is amazing and I love that about you as it’s nottttt a trait I have (you totally get that from your Daddy for sure!).

But I am especially in awe of your growth mindset when applied to personal growth and development. You are never content with “this is who I am” kinda mentality. You are always striving. To be a better Christian, a better sister, a better friend. You are always competing with yourself to be the best version of you and I absolutely love that about you. This will serve you so well in adulthood and has already taken you so far in these last ten years.

I look at you and see so much growth and determination and am so beyond proud of you. For who you are and for the pride you take in always wanting to up the bar. You understand in such a mature way that perfection is never possible, nor should it be the goal. But you “get it” that we should always be working to better ourselves!

You are an awesome friend and take friendship very seriously. You want to show up for others and I am so proud of the type of friends you gravitate towards. Kindness is something you highly value and you don’t play around with any of the mean girl types of kids. You are happy to have just one really close friend rather than lots of surface-level friends. You care for your friends very deeply and I know in my own life how that can be hard. When we love hard, sometimes others just can’t accept that love and can’t give it in return.

I am encouraging you (and encourage you now as you read this) to spread your friendships out more. Having multiple good friends is a blessing in life and one I wish I had realized at a younger age. Putting all your eggs in one basket with friendship can lead to a lot of disappointment and heartbreak and I already see you feeling some of those pains and as a mama, I wish I could protect you from them!

I love hearing you play your “secret game.” You create all of these characters and storylines in your head and have such an awesome, creative imagination. I can totally see you becoming someone who enjoys writing the way I do and I love watching you jump on the trampoline (endless jumping!) and listening to you act out all the characters.

You are totally (and forever!) my Disney BFF. You told me recently that your most favorite compliment you ever received was when I told you that if I could take a trip with anyone I’d choose you. And it’s true! We love the same things when it comes to Disney World and traveling. We “get” each other in that way and it’s an interest we both share and both enjoy in the same ways.

Of course I love traveling with ALL of the fam but the way you and I enjoy things together is just so special. Especially at Disney. Walking hand in hand just soaking up the magic. Meeting characters (right now we are still in the recovery period from COVID in our world and you and I are eagerly waiting for character meet and greets to be BACK). Watching the fireworks at night. Or just browsing the shops. We love it ALL and I can see it in your eyes that you have that special Disney Magic in you too ­čÖé

I am very excited about this next stage of parenting with you. I know there will be some tough moments for you. You have this light that draws others towards you and that can be a BIG responsibility. I have been extremely proud to see you in our new church home. It’s been THE best move and best fit for our family and I especially see that in you! The first time we visited you said “THIS IS IT.” You knew before we did!

You not only actively listen during the lessons but you also set the standard for the other kids in the congregation when it comes to paying attention and worshipping during services. THAT makes me so proud and I pray you continue to keep your standards high in all aspects of life.

You deserve NOTHING less than the BEST. Don’t compromise yourself, your morals, or your standards for anyone.

As we enter into your 11th year of life I pray you continue to see Tess as your very best friend. She’s recently started to ask to sleep in the bed with you and it’s BEYOND precious. She looks up to you so much and, yes, sometimes her copying you drives you crazy, but I also know you already appreciate your bond and understand how special it is to have each other!

One decade of your incredible life is now behind you and as I look ahead to the next decade to come I see so many exciting moments in your life: middle school, high school, even (possibly) college, first loves, first heartbreaks, friendships, travels, driving and adulthood. I am the luckiest mom in the world to get to experience them all alongside you!

I am so incredibly proud to be your mom and know God has BIG plans for you. I am the lucky one to get to walk beside you through this life and will always be proud of you and will always be your biggest cheerleader and number one fan. Never, ever doubt that for one second – no matter what!

I love you so much my sweet sunshine girl!

Love – Mommy oxoxo

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