Kye’s Golf Camp

From an early age Kye has really enjoyed golf. I remember when he was around Britt’s age (a little younger) he would ONLY say one word. Golf. Over and over all day long we’d hear “golf…golf…golfffffff!” 

While Zach and I are not pushing any sports on him, we both are glad he enjoys golf so much! I personally like it because it’s a sport he can play forever. I also LOVE that it’s something he can do with others. It’s so precious to me when Zach and Mr. Rusty will take Kye golfing with them and it’s a great quality time together activity. 

Mr. Rusty is also so supportive of Kye’s favorite sport! He found out our local air force base was hosting a summer golf camp and offered to sign Kye up! How sweet was that?!?! We scheduled the camp for the week before Father’s Day so Kye would be able to use his new skills on our yearly Father’s Day family golf outing πŸ™‚ Colt also joined in on the camp and they were SO excited to get to go together!!!

Big Papa even took them up there to get sized for their clubs and to get registered πŸ™‚

The camp was Monday through Friday mornings way out at the base (which is like a 25-30 min drive) and it was also the same week as VBS. A little crazy for us but we made it through! Thankfully Zach was working in town a lot that week and was able to attend a good bit of the camp to see Kye in action. Such an involved Daddy! Big Papa often went out to watch too as well as G-Mama and even Big Daddy on occasion!!! It’s always a blessing to live in the same town as so much family πŸ™‚

Ready for his first day!

The camp included two hours of instruction per day for five days, a hat, a tshirt, a golf bag and custom fit clubs! Pretty sweet deal!!!


It wasn’t a lot of one on one instruction but it provided Kye with a LOT of opportunity to practice his skills and, most importantly, have fun! Kye really, really loved it out there and I was proud of how well he listened and paid attention. I was a tad nervous with Colt and Kye together as when those boys join forces it can get pretty willlllld but they both did awesome!!!

Group Shot on the first day!

On Day 2 Zach was able to take Kye again and pick him back up so it worked out well for Britt and I! I did want to make sure to get to see him in action though so on Day 3 Zach took him and Britt and I went out there to watch for awhile at the end of the lessons. He was SO excited every single morning and that made me so glad!

When we got out there I had NO CLUE where to go haha. Thankfully I ran into Courtney and she rode with me on one of the golf carts to see the boys hit balls. Kye was so focused that he didn’t even notice us there for the longest time! I enjoyed getting just to watch him without him knowing it πŸ™‚ One of the coaches (are they coaches with golf? instructors?) told Zach that Kye shouldn’t have anything in his hand other than a golf club and that he’s found his sport. I know football is inevitable but I def wouldn’t mind if he stuck with golf!

Colt getting out that energy πŸ˜‰

Cheering on the boys!

Zach went to the camp on Day 4 and they had some little contests for the kids. Out of ALL the campers Kye won the putting contest! He got a ball as a prize and was super pumped about it πŸ™‚ I know it made Zach proud too! 

Three out of the four days Kye won a putting contest and got his own ball each time! Guess he’s good at the short game πŸ™‚

Isn’t this such a nice bag and clubs? I was impressed!

On Day 4 they let the campers know that the last day would be a tournament type thing where they would play some golf. They also gave the option for the parents to take a certificate instead of participating in the last day they could come back with their child to play a full round at the course. Duh, Zach took that option haha! Kye didn’t mind missing out on the last day and I know they will have fun getting to go golfing together! Colt took that option too so I’m hoping Big Papa will take him and the four of them can get out there sometime soon!

Here’s a video Zach took of Kye’s swing! I think it’s so cute how the other kids cheer for him like that, so fun!

I’m SO thankful to Mr. Rusty for allowing Kye this opportunity. He’s so blessed to have such a wonderful grandfather and I love that they can enjoy this sport together! I know Big Papa is so proud of his grandsons and their golf skills πŸ™‚

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