Kye’s 8th Birthday Slideshow

Tomorrow our baby boy turns 8!!! This year it seems like he’s truly grown up SO MUCH. He looks so different now than he did even just a year ago and I look back at baby pictures and can’t quite remember him being that little. It breaks my heart a bit that I can’t remember the way his soft baby hands felt or the way his baby voice sounded. But I’m so thankful for the stage we are in now. I read somewhere that 7 is the “best age of childhood” and while the age of 7 was fantastic, I bet the age of 8 will continue to be just as great with our awesome son. He brings us such joy and pride. He blesses me each and every day as his mama and I’m excited to be celebrating his special day at Disney together tomorrow!

Each year for each child’s birthday I put together a slideshow of many of the pics taken throughout their past year. We always enjoy watching them as a family! Each kid gets to choose their three current favorite songs for me to include in the slideshow…and it is so sweet to me that Kye still picks “Lean on Me” every year as it’s the song I sing to him each night when I tuck him in 🙂 When you have multiple children I think it’s especially important to make sure each child feels special and their birthdays are the perfect day to do just that! These slideshows are something very special to each of my kids and seeing the smiles on their faces as they look back on the past year makes the work I put into them very well worth it! You can see Kye’s slideshow below! 

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