Kye’s 12 Year Old Well Check Pediatrician Visit

We had Kye’s 12 year well check up visit at the pediatrician’s office on March 11th. I had originally scheduled the appointment for when Spear was out of school but realized now that Kye is older it’s probably best NOT to have his little brother tagging along to the visits so Spear had some G-Mama time and I took Kye solo to the check up.

I also had a well visit scheduled so we just had both of our check-ups at the same time to knock ’em both out at once ๐Ÿ˜‰

He did great with the eye exam! He def has Zach’s great vision – I’m jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

At his 11 year visit we had been thrown for a bit of a surprise when we had a large packet to fill out of questions so we were much more prepared this time for the packet and it wasn’t anything that made either of us uncomfortable in answering.

I love that we have such an open relationship where he’s fully comfortable talking to me about anything and asking me questions when he has them and he’s equally comfortable when I ask him questions too!

Kye is my kid who always hopes we have a long wait at doctors visits so he can have more time to play his Switch ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m not one to allow screens to come with us often but with the long doctor waits – sure! I mean, duh, I’m going to be on my phone during a long wait – why not allow him to have fun on his Switch?

The actual appointment was very quick and I LOVE our pediatrician because she keeps it to the facts with him and didn’t cause him to be uncomfortable or awkward at all.

Just fyi – the visit does include the doctor needing to examine their private areas. It was SUPER short and SUPER professional but it’s good to make sure kids know what to expect especially at this age where they can feel easily embarrassed.

At 12 years old Kye is 85.54 lbs and is in the 45th percentile. He has also gained 10 lbs this year which is normal for his age.

He is 59.25 inches tall which is the 60th percentile (whoop whoop passing the 50th!). He’s grown 2 3/4 inches in one year which is great!

She did confirm that his vision is excellent…his left eye is 20/16 which is crazy! And his right eye is 20/20.

To compare to his 11 year well visit he was 56.6 inches tall (4 feet 8 inches โ€“ 55th percentile) and 75 lbs (45th percentile).

Always so, so thankful for healthy kids!

My main question for this visit was about his changes into puberty and how to make sure to take care of his skin. She said exfoliating in the shower with Cerave SA Face Wash is a great way to keep the skin clean and pimple-free!

The appointment caused him to miss lunch at school so we drove through ChicFila and had our own little picnic behind a random auto store ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the chance to sneak in some quality time together whenever I can!

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