Kye’s 11 Year Well Check

Kye’s 11 Year Well Check

I LOVE that the kids are all getting closer to their actual birthdays for their well check ups.

Kye’s fell on March 6th and I took both Spear and Britt with us.

Spear because the appointment fell on a Friday and Spear didn’t have school and Britt because she’s been having some complaints of her female area bothering her and said she wanted to talk to the dr about it.

Let me tell yall a pro mom tip: BRING A STROLLER.

I can’t fathom how I’d survived this outing without having Spear in the stroller for as long as possible 😉

It’s a great way to keep him contained and then I bring along toys and books and snacks to keep him entertained while contained.

See what happens when I let him loose? Ha!

Eleven is a big milestone age in the view of the pediatrician and Kye was handed a pretty hefty packet of questions to answer.

It spanned every single topic…some more casual like hobbies and some much deeper like suicide.

This experience inspired me to share this post about talking to kids about suicide.

I was also given a packet to fill out and a lot of it was similar to a “newlywed game” style where I was answering what I thought he’d answer.

We filled it out at the same time and he discussed his answers with me as he worked through it which made me feel really good – I already knew we have a great, open relationship and that he’s comfortable in sharing with me but having him openly talk about everything while filling it out really showed how much he trusts me.

He also took the whole thing VERY seriously and was overthinking every question and changing his mind about his answers – he’s just like his mama 😉

At 11 years old Kye is 56.6 inches tall (4 feet 8 inches – 55th percentile) and 75 lbs (45th percentile)

At his 10 years old well check his stats were: 54.12″ tall (4’6.12 inches) – 50th percentile. And 67.2 pounds – 48th percentile. 

He grew at right about 2.5 inches over the year which I always am happy to see after his growth delay concerns!

Everything looked great with him!

Kye has recently stopped wearing his shoe wedge as it started bothering him and his back doctor said if it starts bothering him to stop wearing it and see what happens.

—–> You can read more about Kye’s leg length discrepancy here.

His pediatrician did a scoliosis check and said she saw a slight curve but nothing concerning at all and that he may be a tad bit unbalanced still with his leg being slightly shorter but not enough of a difference to warrant the wedge anymore.

So we’ll just keep checking it but I assume overtime it’ll balance out! So thankful for that!

The rest of his visit was quick and easy – he did have to get a couple of shots which I didn’t realize beforehand but he did great with it and it was no biggie 🙂

The shots he had were TDap and Meningococcal ACWY.

We discussed Britt’s concerns and she checked her private area and said it looked fine.

She discussed proper wiping techniques and said to keep doing what we’re doing in regards to avoiding bath bombs and bubble bath and sticking to cotton panties.

Another great suggestion she had is to soak in a baking soda bath (which we already do) but THEN to shower AFTER to make sure to get all the baking soda off.

She also said that overly wiping can cause issues just as much as not wiping well enough.

Anyone else feel like our lady parts are high maintenance? Ha!

So thankful for healthy babies…and healthy preteens 😉

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