Kye School Work: Spring 2016

Kye had a wonderful 2nd half of the year! You can see his fall school work from 1st grade here ๐Ÿ™‚ He really loved school and I’m so thankful for the smooth transition! I know his teacher gets a lot of the credit for that, she was A-MAZING!

For the third 9 weeks Kye had majority of “3s” across the board which was great as it meant he’d already “mastered” many sections before the last quarter of the year! 

For his end of the year report card Kye got all “3s” and “Ms” across the board (including in Gifted). “3” means “consistent achievement – mastery and is the highest they give. “M” means “meets the performance level (this is given for PE, Art, and Music). He also got an “E” in conduct which means “exceeds performance level”

When do they start giving actually legit grades?!?! 

His teacher’s note said “This has been an amazing year. I have truly enjoyed getting to know your family and child this year! I will miss each child! I will hide their memories in my heart forever, There has been so much progress and growth in your child both socially and academically. Have a safe and enjoyable summer! Visit me next year!” Clearly a generic note ๐Ÿ˜‰ She did a personal one for Kye in his book which you can read here! 

I’m very proud of Kye! As always, his good choices make me the most proud. But I could also see SO much growth in him academically this year. He’s such a great student and I love seeing the pride he takes in his school work. I know he’ll do great in 2nd grade this fall!

Here is all of his favorite pieces of school work from the Spring semester:


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