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Kye School Work: Fall 2015

Saturday, February 20, 2016

First grade has been a big year for Kye so far! We've seen him really take off academically as well as socially and it's been a joy to see how well he's doing with his new school and larger classroom setting. He's a natural leader which makes us very proud! 

He gets a MASSIVE report card sent home each 9 weeks. Both times he's received great "grades" in regards to the way they are "graded." It's like a scale thing with 1 meaning "limited or minimum progress" 2 meaning "progressing towards mastery" and 3 meaning "considered achievement - mastery"

Since it was the first 9 weeks many of the areas on the report card had an X meaning "not assessed at this time." Of the areas that did have numerical scoring, he received mostly 2s which I feel like would be appropriate for the beginning of the school year? He received 3s in three areas: read on level text with accuracy and fluency to support comprehension, read high frequency words automatically, and add fluently within 10.

In his 2nd 9 weeks he again received mostly 2s. He got the same three areas with a 3 but also had 4 additional categories with a 3 marking: write legibly, add within 20, solve addition word problems, and determine unknown number in an addition or subtraction equation. 

Kye LOVES to read and LOVES math so it's not surprising to us to see those high markings for those areas. When he was first tested for his reading level in August of 2015 he tested at a 2.5 reading level (meaning reading at the same level as a 2nd grader half-way through the school year). He was tested again at the end of December and tested at a 3.2 reading level meaning his reading level is comparable to that of an average third grader after the second month of the school year. 

We are always so proud of Kye and are excited to see how he does the second half of the school year! He comes home with a LOT of worksheets and has done well with selecting which items to take photos with :) 

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