Kye School Summary: Spring 2021

As we all know the 2020 – 2021 school year was anything but normal! I’m so incredibly thankful to all of the staff and local community who came together to allow our babies to learn in person! We never had a single virtual day or any shut-down which I think is a HUGE achievement!

You can read more about Kye’s fall semester of the school year here.

Kye continued to really love school during the second half of the year just as much, if not even more so, than he did the first half. He really found his groove, his people, his “thing.”

He LOVES doing the morning announcements and it’s for sure the way he’s made his mark the most. Although archery isn’t far behind! He blew us all away with his natural skills and abilities with archery and we’re excited to see that skill set continue to develop this coming year.

I have always heard that kids struggle some academically once they hit middle school but that has not been the case for Kye so far into his middle school career. It may still happen but so far he’s handled the added work load and responsibility very well and it’s been a smooth transition for him!

He received honor roll with distinction with his lowest grade being in gifted language arts and it was a 94 (and he was disappointed with that grade which I hardcore told him to EASE UP ON HIMSELF jeez kid! NO ONE IS PERFECT!).

He won social studies student of the year (his final grade in that class was a 99). It’s great that he excels in social studies if he plans to be president someday 😉 Which is still his goal!

He had the Georgia Milestones test this year which gages how well students do at mastering the state-adopted content standards in the core areas of language arts, math, science and social studies. For 6th grade he took the language arts and math. I don’t know his final ELA score but in math he scored a 668 which is an achievement level 4.

More than any of his grades we are the most proud of WHO Kye is. His character and integrity. His strong moral compass. His passion for doing the right thing and in helping lead others down that path as well. Our goal is always to aim our kids to Jesus and Kye makes us, and Him, proud in this area!

The road gets tougher the older you get. It’s hard to stay the course. Temptation is everywhere. Peer pressure becomes stronger. It seems less and less “cool” to do the right thing. We pray daily for Kye to continue to lean on God as he navigates these middle school waters.

He had a FANTASTIC 6th grade year and I am confident he will only continue to shine in the years to come!

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