Kye School Summary: Fall 2020

Kye started his first year of middle school in the fall of 2020! So far he is LOVING 6th grade.

I heard a lot about how tough the transition is from elementary to middle school. How many kids struggle. How much harder the workload is. How tough it is to navigate the tender relationships of pre-teens.

Heck, I remember it so well myself. In 6th grade I struggled with a LOT of those things. I was in my awkward stage and feeling self conscious and can remember those who teased me as well as those times I was unkind to others.

I have been shocked in the best possible way at Kye’s middle school experience so far. Man he’s found his VIBE.

Kye struggled a good bit in fourth and fifth grade but in 6th? It’s like he was MEANT to be there. He has jumped right into ALL THE THINGS. He’s in FBLA (and an officer), FCA, TSA, he’s made the archery team, he does the morning announcements, and he has just recently been asked to join the Sources of Strength group too. He is in his ELEMENT.

There is a rarely a day where he doesn’t stay after school for one meeting or another. He’s doing great in all of his classes and starting to find a friend group too!

I am extremely proud of Kye and that he stands firm in WHO he is and doesn’t waiver in his morals and values. He’s such a special kid and I’m super pumped to see what the future holds for him!

As if becoming a middle school wasn’t a big enough milestone he also didn’t have ANY school work that he wanted to preserve via picture taking 🙂 Big moment over here!

Kye made Honor Roll with Distinction and continues to have high A’s in all of his classes. He’s taking the advanced level of classes as part of the gifted program track and he continues to enjoy learning!

His biggest struggle academically is actually language arts which is so interesting to me since he’s my child that LOVES to read. His favorite is math and social studies!

It makes Zach and I both just SO happy to see HIM so happy and it makes me so incredibly thankful that the kids were all able to go back to in person learning this year. Even though the year looks different, I’m so thankful Kye is able to have this experience!

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