Kye Monthly Summary: May

This is Kye’s monthly post covering the month of May! It was such a fun month with the end of school and beginning of SUMMER! We LOVE summer around here ๐Ÿ™‚ I just adore having all my babies home with me…and since Kye is the baby who is away from me the most, I especially adore having him home ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Kye continues to have his natural servant heart. Kid is just a giver. I’m interested to see how this plays out as he grows up. The mama in me worries his kind heart will be taken advantage of…but isn’t God’s love for us also something we take for granted? I never want to discourage Kye’s giving spirit just because of how others may use it to their advantage. I will always encourage and nurture that side of him to the best of my ability. I truly believe he will bring so many people to know God through his giving heart! 

This month was Mother’s Day and he made each of us a little “Happy Mother’s Day” badge to wear when we went to dinner to celebrate my day. 

He is also very loving with Britt. Yes, he gets annoyed with her, but he also adores his sisters. He sat so patiently one morning and brushed her hair for her. Melts my heart!

We had some friends over to swim and Kye wrote this about ME (all on his own) and gave it to Casey when she got here. He told her to copy it down on another piece of paper and pass it along to someone else. His goal was for the whole world to know about me. It says “Emily is the best. She will let you get candy (wishful thinking?). She will let you get stuff out. She will let you play with chalk. She will let you go outside. She will let you go out to eat. She will let you watch movies. She will not let you get hurt.” Then at the bottom it says “make a copy and give to someone” ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Kye is a big helper across the board but he especially enjoys helping in the kitchen. I think both big kids enjoy it because I really enjoy their help. I think we just all love to bake and lick the bowl ๐Ÿ˜‰

With it being summer now Kye enjoys being at home and playing with his toys. He’s always been more of a “set it up” kinda kid than a “play with it” one. He likes things organized and in their place and enjoys the process of putting things together. I can see him being handy like his daddy! Notice the piles of track pieces. He puts every single piece with their matching pieces prior to beginning “construction!”

Ugh y’all. My heart broke when we all played outside with the kids cozy coupes and Kye realized he’s too big to drive in his anymore. Waaaah. I can’t handle it!!! 

Everyone knows that Kye hates clothing. Kid walks in the door and strips down. Except now here lately he’s been putting on layers before bed. It’s crazy. He will now wear a sleep shirt, robe, and Santa hat. It’s hilarious!!!!

This is what he looks like in the morning!

It always amazes me when I meet parents who say they let their kids pick out their clothes each day. I realized recently that I’m pretty passionately against that. I’m ALL for independence and self expression but picking out their own clothes?!? No way. I think I feel especially passionate regarding my daughters. When they are teens we will have to be very mindful in their clothing choices and I don’t believe in giving a freedom that we will later have to take away. If I let Britt pick whatever she wants to wear all the time now then how do I expect her to respect me when she’s a teen and I say she can’t wear something do to it’s lack of modesty? I give my kids plenty of choices (especially Britt as she is my one that has a keen eye for some fashion!) but I have the final word on what they wear and for the most part I just pick out their clothes for each day. Kye has started asking if he can choose his own things to wear so I thought I’d let him. And this is what he came down wearing and insisting matched. Heads up Kye’s future wife…you may also need to plan on picking out his clothes for him haha!

Kye is very into list making right now. This list is a list of the things we’re not allowed to do at our house:

And this is a list of things to do this summer if he and Britt get board (PLEASE notice the item about halfway down…it should say chalk bahahahaha):

Speaking of “playing chalk” Kye LOVES it!

List making at it’s finest

This month both Kye and Britt had fifths disease. I didn’t notice that either of them had it until the rash appeared. Which appears when it’s already run its course. What was interesting was Kye’s rash. It started on his face and slowly moved. It like went to his chest and stomach and then to his arms and at the end was only on his fingers. He had a SUPER bad rash as a baby and I think it’s just something his body does in a response of sickness. 

Driving down the road one day we passed this Oldsmobile and Kye said “Mom look! It’s the first car that was ever made!” My dad legit had the same car (different color) when I was a kid. I about died!

More about Kye this Month:

  • Before school got out I picked Kye up and a teacher said her highlight of the day was graduation practice and that Kye does “everything with excellence”
  • Kye says he loves Tess so much that he doesn’t want her to grow up 
  • He LOVES reading our chapter book together. Right now we’re on James and the Giant Peach
    and he will be holding it waiting for me when I come to tuck him in!
  • When discussing which camps to do this summer Kye said he wished they had some camps inside because it’s just too hot
  • He is SUCH a loud breather. JUST like his daddy
  • On Mother’s Day I joked with Kye that he should sleep with me again (like we did that one weekend) and he said “Mom. You told me I’m not allowed to ever ask about that so don’t bring it up because it’s SO hard for me not to ask every single night!!!”
  • We were talking about how I LOVE when people play with my hair and I asked Kye what his favorite thing is and he said “when people hug me”
  • On Mother’s Day we had the family over and the kids skipped naps and swam HARD. That night at church Kye FELL ASLEEP in Zach’s lap. Omg I was SO jealous!
  • One day Kye randomly came up and hugged me. I told him “we got so luck to have each other” and he said “no mom, I got lucky because you are the BEST”
  • Kye will pop his knuckles the exact way that Zach does
  • Kye told me that God spoke to him in a dream and told him to go out to the world and feed the people who are hungry. I talked to him about how that may mean physical hunger but that it may also be God telling him to teach others about Him because “hunger” can also mean spiritual hunger
  • He is ALL about practicing football!
  • He adores Tess but is also starting to get a little too rough with her!
  • We went to the dentist this month and witnessed some behavior from some children in the waiting room that was not appropriate. It was uncomfortable for me and was a reminder to me to encourage my children to make good choices even when I’m not around. Kye was especially bothered by the way the children were behaving and especially how they spoke to others and treated others. When we left we got in the car and he said he wanted to pray right then for those children and that they will come to know God and make good choices. 
  • I’ve never had the “race talk” with Kye. I was raised in the south but had parents who were both raised up north. Race was NEVER something I remember discussing or even noticing. I had babies and barbies of different races and nationalities and I’d love to just raise my kids that way as well. People are people. Skin color doesn’t matter. However, we live in the DEEP SOUTH. And racism is sadly still an issue here, not just white vs black but black vs white as well. I’ve had situations where I’ve personally been treated differently due to the color of my skin and I’ve witnessed SO many racially tied situations both ways that are just SAD.  If you follow the news then you know our town has had a good bit of racial tensions and it scares me for the future here. I’m so thankful I don’t have to worry about Kye’s heart. He loves everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ He had one black girl in his class this year and she was his best friend. He told me on the way home from school one day that she was his girl friend and that she has the most beautiful black skin and black hair that made her special because it was different than the other girls in his class and that she will make such a nice wife. I felt SO proud hearing that he saw her differences as something special and something to admire. I know Kye’s sweet, kind heart and that he will continue to treat everyone equally and with the love of Jesus. 


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