Kye Monthly Summary – December 2015

This post covers everything about Kye from the month of December (yes, I’m finally winding down 2015 haha)!

Kye had an awesome month this month. We are SO proud of him across the board. He’s such a great student at school, a wonderful leader to his peers, and so involved with our church family and has such a heart for the Lord!

This month he received an award from school for completing some app he uses for Math. He was the first one in his class to complete it! I often think about how fortunate he is to have access to a tablet at home to be able to use in the afternoons for practice…I’m sure not all kids have that?

Kye also ROCKED OUT at his Accelerated Reader at school. He is ALL about it and reads a new book every day in order to take a test the following morning. For his hard work he was able to attend a special celebration party for the kids who met their AR reading goal!

Kye also worked along his friends at church as Agents of Change…collecting change to help in our building project

More than any of his school achievements, we are most proud of his spiritual growth. He took our opportunity to give to others VERY seriously. We included the kids in the discussion about how to best utilize the opportunity. He thought about it a lot and had several ideas. He loved helping choose items for our Blessing Bags and is SO awesome at the Soup Kitchen! He loves to collect the tickets from the people getting the food and he means business. Don’t try to slip by him to fix a plate without giving a ticket! ha!

Mom fail: Kye recited The Lord’s Prayer at church and I missed it! He also received his very first legit Bible from Bible Class as well. So proud of him!

I love this sweet note he wrote for Britt on her birthday!

Sweet notes from some of his friends at school πŸ˜‰

Something I am envious of is that Zach and Kye have so many fun things they are able to do together! I feel like my special time with Kye always involves food haha so I wanted to do something different with him! We had a Sunday where we didn’t have night services so Kye and I went on a special date! He chose The Egg and I (yum!) and then we headed down to Wild Adventures to ride the go-carts and play some putt-putt together. We’ve never done either activity at Wild Adventures before and the benefit of having the passes we have is that we are able to do them both for free πŸ™‚

When we got in line for the go carts they came by and asked to check Kye’s height. Next thing I knew he was getting in his own cart! I had planned to ride with him but they had a special race that was JUST Kye and one other kid each driving their own carts! Kye hasn’t ever driven anything like that before and I was one nervous mama!!! He did AWESOME though! He never hit the side once and he knew exactly how to steer and handle the pedals. I guess all that driving to our neighborhood playground on Zach’s lap is paying off πŸ˜‰ He LOVED it and he beat the other kid too πŸ˜‰

We had SO MUCH FUN playing putt-putt together. He was cracking me up because every single hole he’d check it out and tell my tips and kept saying “doing such and such is your best bet.” He always had me go first on each hole so he could see the best route haha. He’s a little pro! He did get upset towards the end as he had a difficult hole and we had a few people watching us (he gathered a crowd with those skills!) and it embarrassed him not to do well. I know he’s very, very competitive but it’s not okay to get overly upset about it either. We still had a blast and didn’t let the way it ended ruin our special day! 

Video 1 of Kye putt-putting

Video 2

Hole in one for Mommy!


Our scorecard!

He rode a rollercoaster solo (Mama don’t do coasters) before we headed home!

Sad to leave!

I LOVE spending time with my boy!

This month Britt took gymnastics (more on that in her post for the month!) and Kye was SO sweet and really wanted to go watch and support her! I took him one day to watch and he legit watched the entire time and kept pointing her out to me and talking about what she was doing. It was so super sweet and he was mega proud. And when she saw him she was so excited she raced over and jumped to give him a big hug. I love the bond they share!

Kye had a Christmas party at school and I was able to attend with him! I’m not a room mom. Which I feel a little guilt over? Maybe someday when my kids are older I’ll be able to volunteer more in the classrooms but for now I’ll let the other hardcore crafty moms handle it πŸ˜‰ He had a snack and we got to talk and then the kids played some game on a smart board (my first time ever seeing one haha!) and the adults got to play too! 

After Christmas Zach and Kye worked on building a Lego table board for Kye to slide under his bed to allow him to play and build his legos on. Here they are staining the wood (and isn’t it crazy how it’s late Dec and 85 degrees?!?)

Kye’s school had several dress up days leading up to Christmas break! I try really hard to make sure Kye participates in all the themed days. I think they are fun and we had fun hunting through his closet finding him things to wear!

Candy Cane Day (yes I took white duck tape and made his outfit look like candy cane stripes haha)

Crazy hat day

Tacky Day

Crazy socks/red day

White day

Green day!

And, of course, PJ Day!

Kye LOVES pecans! He loves to find them and crack them and eat them πŸ™‚ We have one pecan tree in our yard and I wish we had more as he could make some dough by selling them!

We had a big goal to get through all the Star Wars movies over the holiday season. We kicked it off with Episode IV over Thanksgiving break and slowly worked our way through them all. Y’all. I will admit it. I’m now totally a FAN! They were great and I loved that they had so much love in them too πŸ™‚ We had very few issues of anything to have to discuss with Kye. Some poor choices here and there but very little violence, language, or content issues. They are pretty DEEP and at his age he’s very empathetic and did get upset over some of the deeper parts but we talked a lot through it and he did really well with it all and LOVED them!

Kye LOVES his cousins! I thought this was so so sweet πŸ™‚

Kye is very creative and I try my best to encourage it! He wanted to take some random things he found around the house and make a boat. He did it completely himself up until he said he wanted to have it go in the pool. At that point I helped him brain storm materials we could use to help it not get ruined in the water (since it was just a box). We found some plastic from a box that a toy had come in for Britt’s birthday and we taped it around the bottom to protect it. He approached the whole thing very scientifically. He first tried to see if it would float and then he gradually added more and more toys to the boat to see what amount of toys (weight) would cause it to sink. This was all his own little experiment! Here’s a video of him testing it out πŸ™‚

He got his first legit puzzle for Christmas and had fun working on it!

He also got a make your own marker kit for Christmas. Zach cracked me up b/c he didn’t want anything to do with that junk haha! Kye and I stayed up one night and made a couple markers together. I was impressed with how cool the whole thing really was!!!

More About Kye:

  • Kye is a hardcore Luke Skywalker fan and really he’s JUST like Luke! He’s pure and good to the core and just can’t be around anything bad πŸ™‚ 
  • He is very, very empathetic which is a wonderful quality to have but also is hard because he feels SO deeply about things
  • He always wants to find a happy ending in any circumstance. When watching Star Wars he always wanted everyone to be okay. In the Good Dinosaur he wanted the dad to still be alive somewhere. 
  • He wants to play quarterback and be a football player
  • He’s very motivated by money which I don’t think is a BAD thing as long as he always knows that it’s not the most important thing in life and that he always gives to God first πŸ™‚ Whenever he makes a bad choice he will say “just let me pay you some money mom. I’m so sorry. Just let me pay you”
  • Kye is ALWAYS the hero in any game play situation which means that Britt is always stuck being the bad guy. I’ve had to talk to him about this and understand why he doesn’t want to be the villain but also don’t want Britt to always play that role so I try to find a way for them to work together on a  team of good guys πŸ™‚
  • We had one of those moments that was ALMOST awful happen this month with Kye. Kye was hiding to scare Zach and Zach was making bacon. Zach turned and was carrying the pan of bacon grease to go dump it outside and Kye popped out of the pantry to scare him and Zach was this close to spilling the hot grease all over kye’s head. Praise the LORD that my husband is quick on his feet and was able to not spill a drop!!!
  • We had a situation happen where a child had a knife on him that he had taken from his parent. This child told Kye and told Kye not to tell his parents. Kye was a straight up real life hero in the situation as he told us immediately and we were able to properly handle things. I asked Kye what made him tell us and he said he remembered me telling him that if anyone EVER tells him “don’t tell your mom and dad” then it’s a sign TO tell his mom and dad right away. I don’t even remember telling him that but dang that’s pretty legit advice haha I def have made sure to tell Britt πŸ˜‰


Kye is THE sweetest big brother!

Typical boy…carrying around a lizard πŸ˜‰

Kye has started sleeping with this HUGE bear that my dad got him when he was born! It’s the first friend he’s ever chosen to sleep with instead of Monkey and Smyrna and it’s precious to me that it’s something so meaningful!

Gosh, it’s hard to remember him so TINY!!!

I loved, loved, LOVED having my boy home for Christmas break! We had SO MUCH FUN!

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