Kye Monthly Summary: August

This post covers everything Kye was up to in August!

August was a big month for Kye with the start of his new school! It was a BIG adjustment for him. Going from a class of 5 last year (and being the only boy!) to a class of 28 was no joke. It took a couple of weeks but soon he found his groove and made many friends and was truly content in his new environment! Praise the Lord!

This month VSU hosted a Meet The Blazers Day. They have this event yearly but it’s open to kindergarden and up. Since we had a new baby last year Kye wasn’t able to attend but it worked out to be a perfect “guy time” morning for he and Zach this year since the girls and I had a baby shower to attend at the same time! Kye was thrilled to get to meet the team and play with them on the field. Zach took a lot of pics for me which I appreciate as I hated to miss out! 

My favorite part from his morning was that the players taught them about end zone dances and Zach took this video of Kye’s. Haha classsssic!

This month Zach’s cousin Jake’s high school team started their football season and we bought season tickets to support him. The games don’t start until 7:30 but we wanted to let Kye stay up and go with us to one of them. He was confused and thought he’d get to play football so he was pretty bummed that it was just watching haha! The first few weeks of school he was pretty exhausted and it probably just wasn’t the best idea for us to take him that night. He did enjoy hanging with Colt some and we took him back home at halftime πŸ™‚

When I was a kid I really, really wanted to grow up to be an author. I LOVE that Kye is really into writing stories right now. It brings back a lot of memories of my childhood πŸ™‚ Here’s some of the “books” he “published” this month:

This month Zach and I both got sick over a weekend so we stayed home from church. We had an awesome family service where we read together from the Bible and where Kye even lead some question and answer sessions from the lesson we studied πŸ™‚ 

As I mentioned earlier, the big thing going on this month was getting adjusted to school. It took time for him to get used to having so many kids in his class, to feel comfortable with his new routine, to learn to eat fast enough to finish lunch in time, and to learn the lay out of the school. I was amazed at how quickly he did adjust and how much he loved school once he got used to it! He especially loves getting to stay late as he’s a second load bus rider πŸ™‚ 

Homework has officially begun…thankfully his school last year gave him SUCH a HUGE leg up that he knows it all so far!

I have gotten Britt some “homework” to do as well so they can both have homework time together. Kye has been encouraged to use an IPad for some apps (sight words as well as a math one) which is crazy to me! Technology is such a large roll in education now! He LOVES getting to use the iPad! 

I was very proud at Kye’s reading level. He tested at a 2.5 level which means he reads at a 2nd grader level who is halfway through second grade. It AMAZED me to see how Kye’s reading really took off in kindergarten. I know he wasn’t in the highest reading group in his class last year, but I’m 99% sure he’s in the highest one this year. He LOVES to read and literally I very, very rarely have to help him with any words! 

Before school started I bought Kye his annual Crocs to wear to school and sure enough he no longer wants to wear Crocs haha. Of course! With as much running as he does on the playground he’s now an all tennis shoes kid πŸ˜‰ Welcome to the world of boy, right?!?! Zach showed him a couple of times how to tie his shoes and BAM! he got it. It was SO much easier for him to pick it up than I had anticipated. Usually I do a double knot for him just to make sure they stay tied but otherwise it’s all Kye!

I was able to go eat lunch with him early on in the school year which I’m thankful for. I got to see him in his new element and it blessed me to see how happy he is at his school. I also got to give the “mama bear stink eye” to the kid who had been picking on him πŸ˜‰ I was proud of how Kye handled the situation…the boy told Kye he will come to our house and beat up Kye’s family and Kye said “well we have an alarm that will call the police AND my daddy is not going to let you do that AND we have a HUGE family who will all come protect each other.” I’m glad he stood up for himself and didn’t fear doing that. And that he didn’t come back with something ugly in return. I know stuff like that is going to happen and I always want Kye to handle himself as Christ-like as possible in any situation! 

Kye came to us this month and told us he wanted to help others in our community. He REALLY wanted to go around and clean random people’s houses. Which is super sweet but I explained to him that it would be a rather difficult thing to find strangers who would allow that (nor would I feel comfortable with that?!?) so we came up with the idea of visiting an retirement home so he could read to some of the residents. I talked to our family minister at church about where he would recommend going. I called and made an appointment for Kye to read and we got there and were TURNED AWAY. No joke. I was pretty much LIVID. How could they look my sweet child in the eyes and tell him NO?!?! The lady was pretty rude and even made a comment about all the flowers they had in their lobby and how she wished people would quit sending flowers there b/c their residents don’t need them. SERIOUSLY. There was even a little elderly lady sitting in the lobby while we were there. Couldn’t the director woman just have let Kye read to her? Instead we were, legit, told to leave. 

Kye was super upset! But we didn’t let Satan stop us from our mission. I pulled into a nursing home down the street…I was nervous b/c nursing home is NOT the same thing as a retirement community by any means. Growing up I had some fears of nursing homes actually. But I wasn’t going to let anything stop my child from blessing others and I felt like God may have been calling us to a certain person who needed to be uplifted in that moment. The staff there was MORE than happy to have us and took us to a room with two ladies in it. 

One was completely bed-ridden and the other was propped up and very friendly. Kye read them to books (his favorite being Green Eggs and Ham). I was so proud of him. He read very loudly and clearly and even paused at the right places for them to laugh and showed them the pictures. The woman who could sit up was SO thrilled and I could tell the one who was confined to her bed was trying so hard to see him. When he finished I suggested for him to sing a song as I know elderly people especially enjoy the voice of a child. I took him over to the side of the bed where the woman laying down could see him up close while he sang. She couldn’t speak but I could see the light in her eyes. The woman who was sitting up cheered and cheered and asked to hug him. He went over to her and hugged her (I was so proud of him for not being afraid to do that) and she KISSED him!!! When he left he said that kiss was NOT something he enjoyed but that his heart felt SO FULL to have done that. It took MAYBE 10 minutes but it blessed those ladies more than we can even know and it was a moment of so much pride for me in my boy. He sets SUCH an example to ME in is servant heart and his desire to be a blessing to others. 

The retirement home did call and apologize and we will probably go there in the future as I would like for Kye to have a more set schedule with it and have an audience who would be able to fully enjoy the experience but I feel that God did lead us to that nursing home at that particular time and I hope Kye served the purpose God had for him in that moment!

After we went on a date: Red Lobster and The Mix!

While at The Mix I posted up the picture of Kye on IG and noticed I had a new follower. I went private awhile back but the Carter’s campaign asked for me to be public for awhile. Y’all. I won’t do campaigns anymore that require public IG profiles. And if you are public then I URGE you to GO PRIVATE. Check out who my new follower was…SO FREAKY. I went back to private immediately! If you’d like to follow me on IG you have to request it here! 

This month Katie’s grandma passed away and the kids both made her pictures to help cheer her up. Kye did fireworks for her b/c everyone loves fireworks and he knew it’d make her smile πŸ™‚

I love the random outside play clothes my kids come up with!

Before school started I cooked Kye’s favorite dinner for him: chicken pockets!

He also got a CFA chicken sandwich for the first time ever this month!

Kye is 6 years old and in 1st grade and is still in a 5 point harness seat. You can read more about car seat safety beyond age 2 here!

Kye is super grown now in my eyes. Maybe it’s because he’s in 1st grade? Maybe it’s because he gets off a BIG bus in 02ies as a toddler. And now I wanna go cry at the thought that he’s so over them. We compromised and they now live in the playroom. Mama’s heart wasn’t ready to put ’em in the attic!

Feeling like he’s SUCH a big kid now I really looked for ways in which he’s still “little” this month…like how he still likes to run around in boxer briefs…

Or how he still manages to fit inside his Cozy Coupe

Or how he will still play with his baby sister’s Little People sets!

More With Kye This Month:

  • When trying to say the phrase “jackpot” he instead said “jack butt”
  • He and Britt LOVE to play this game where he’s the Dad and I’m the grandmother. Um. No. 
  • He is still very, very competitive and takes it tough when he loses. He gets to play Mario Kart on the Wii with Zach one night a week and he lost that privilege this month due to getting upset and hitting Zach when he lost. 
  • Kye told me that he knows a lot about dinosaurs…like how they were alive “back in the ’80s”
  • He may be grown but he still plays with my hair when we lay in his bed at night and talk
  • The night before his first day of school I asked him if he was nervous at all and he said his only concern was that he didn’t see a bathroom at Open House and he was scared that with being at school so long each day that he’d need to use the bathroom and not know where it was! When we dropped him off the first day we made sure to locate the bathroom πŸ™‚
  • The first few weeks of school he was very, very tired. Even though he no longer slept during nap time over the summer he DID get that REST and he wasn’t getting it anymore at school. He cried very easily and we bumped bedtime up MUCH earlier for him to help
  • Kye had a big talk with Britt before he started school about how he’s going to be gone during the day and that it’s up to her to be the “big kid” of the house πŸ™‚
  • The 2nd week of school he told me he thinks he’s in love with a girl with golden hair who has teeth like Mater (from the Cars movie…as in she has HUGE adult teeth bahahahahaa)
  • His favorite thing about school is getting to use the computers
  • He told me that lots of kids in his class act silly like Daddy and Britt and that it makes him nervous that they will make jokes about him. He does NOT like when people laugh at him and I understand and relate to that feeling. I’m a dish-it-out-but-can’t-take-it type and I think Kye is similar πŸ™‚


He may be a BIG KID now but he’ll always be my sweet, sweet boy πŸ™‚

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