Italy Day 4: Sorrento

After finishing up at Pompeii we waited for the next train to take us into Sorrento. Here’s what the train looked like:

The ride was, again, long. We thought it’d be shorter from Pompeii to Sorrento than it was from Naples to Pompeii, but it wasn’t! At least the train wasn’t as crowded…and it was neat to watch all the locals (as I mentioned in my Pompeii post). Once we arrived we debated walking to our hotel but had NO CLUE where it was so we got a taxi. The first taxi we saw the driver looked shady (I know, you shouldn’t judge based on looks but sorry I’m not risking getting kidnapped if I can help it!!!) so we waited and saw another taxi with an adorable old man driver. I felt much better about riding with him as I knew I could take him down if needed, let alone Zach!!! He was PRECIOUS and he just so happened to be the taxi driver who took us back to the train station when we left! I think out of anyone on our whole trip, we tipped him the best. He was just sooo cute and sweet. πŸ™‚

The front desk girl of our hotel wasn’t overly friendly, but we were just happy to be there! We got to our room and had a nice view of the beautiful mountains. I was hoping for a beach view but this was still nice!

We really, really loved our room and wished we could have stayed longer than one night. It was SUCH an improvement from our room in Rome! The mini-fridge was actually SUPER COLD and they had a HUGE freezer for my ice packs. Plus they had a larger selection for breakfast, a wonderfully warm shower, much more space, and still great wifi.

 I love his silly faces πŸ™‚

 He took a bunch of me on this bench b/c my knees looked funky. I didn’t really get what he meant until I looked at them…and yeah…he was right!

Much better!

One last one πŸ˜‰

They had a bedit but we didn’t use it. I meant to, but I just forgot!

If you are a nursing mom or plan to become one…invest in the Medela Freestyle. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! I charged it up while we headed out to dinner πŸ™‚

This hotel, like the one in Rome, didn’t allow us to take the room key with us. They kept it at the front desk until we got back. It was a good idea if you think about it…it prevents people from losing room keys. We talked about how hotels in the states should do the same thing, but then DUH it’d be impossible b/c our hotels are MASSIVE. Both hotels we stayed in had very few rooms so it was easy for them to keep track of the keys ya know?

View from our hotel

Our hotel for the night!

While I was getting ready and pumping Zach looked into a place to eat for dinner. It was one of the very few nights of our trip where we had TIME to actually relax and enjoy a nice meal. It was also our only night in Sorrento so we wanted to make it special! He found a place by the water and worked out on the map how to walk there. We walked down TINY allies and side streets and it freaked me out. I thought Zach had messed up on the directions but it ended up being the same way we had to go back to the hotel! It’s such a small town that I guess they haven’t really developed it for tourism. Everyone had to go down the tiny streets to get to the water!

Going through a tunnel on our way

Once we got to the water it was well worth the walk. It was breathtakingly beautiful!!!

We walked down to where the restaurant was and it was CLOSED. Boo. We had this great plan and everything (we had even looked up the restaurant online and knew what we wanted to order!). It was mildly disappointing but I reminded Zach that we wouldn’t ever know what we were missing and that any of the food around there would be good…with the views being even better!

And you thought you were done with pictures of Mt Vesuvius πŸ™‚

Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect!!! We had a beautiful walk and then sat down to eat dinner during sunset. It was BEAUTIFUL. No pictures can come close to capturing the beauty of that area. It was one of the prettiest places we’ve ever been by far.

We ate at a cute little outdoor restaurant right on the beach!

I think it’s neat to say that I’ve touched the water of the Atlanta, Pacific and Indian Oceans…I wanted to add the Mediterranean Sea to that list so I ran down to the water while we were waiting on our food. The other people eating looked at me like I was nuts, but I don’t care. It was important to say I’ve dipped my toe in that ocean πŸ™‚

Typical man…had to snap a pic of my booty while I was walking to the water haha

My feet were COVERED in sand, but it was worth it!

Zach stayed dry and sand-free πŸ™‚

 First course: lasagna

 I had shrimp pasta as my first, and main course

 Main course: Steak and potatoes

 It was getting dark on our walk back, so pretty to see all of the lights of the city

We walked back and decided to get some hot cocoa from the restaurant/bar area at our hotel. They had a lounge with couches and such so we bought the cocoa and took it up to that area to sit and relax. It was SUPER yummy and a nice little bedtime treat! We headed back to the room and finally watched Angels and Demons so we’d be ready for our tour on Friday!

 We’re sooo intense πŸ˜‰

Day 4 was a LONG day with a LOT of traveling, but Pompeii was awesome and Sorrento was BEAUTIFUL. All well-worth the trip and we hadn’t even seen Capri yet πŸ™‚


  1. Stephanie Ooley
    June 26, 2012 / 6:39 pm

    You look super skinny in these pictures!

  2. Forddygirl
    June 27, 2012 / 2:03 am

    Β your camera took some GREAT pics!

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