The End of Italy!

If you made it this long, then you deserve some type of reward. I feel like for making it this long in writing all of these posts that I also deserve some type of reward.… View Post

Italy Day 7: Pantheon

We hopped off the bus where the random teenager kid told us to (thankfully he was honest!). We walked down a little bit and then saw the MASSIVE building to the right of us…we made… View Post

Italy Day 7: Rome FINALLY

After I finished pumping we loaded up the book bag and headed back out. Originally when we had booked the trip we had planned on exploring the Colosseum area on our own anyway, so really… View Post

Italy Day 7: Angels and Demons Tour

Our FINAL day in Italy (don’t get too pumped, there are like 4 blog posts to cover this day haha). Originally we planned for Friday to be a “catch up” day, to hit highlights in… View Post

Italy Day 6: Finishing Up Florence

When we got off the train in Florence we didn’t really have a set plan. Since our first morning train ran late we we sort of pressed for time. I would need to pump prior… View Post