The Invisible Woman

A friend sent me this video and it’s so so so inspiring. It’s called The Invisible Woman. It’s about 5 minutes long but is very good throughout the whole thing so it’s not a bit boring 🙂 Watch it!!!

This really touched me. I am only beginning to enter the world of “the invisible woman” but already it helped me put my life in perspective. What I do all day should be things that glorify God. He sees everything I do. I want to work hard to keep a happy, healthy, productive, clean home not just for Zach. Or Kye. Or myself. It’s all for God. My job is a homemaker and I need to take that job seriously and do it to the best of my abilities.

I think it’s easy to forget that God sees all. He is always part of our lives everyday. He doesn’t just show up to listen to us pray. He’s there for it ALL. Does everything I do make Him proud? Does it all help me get to Heaven?

This short video helped me want to be better. I want to be that ultimate Mom…but more importantly I want to be God’s ultimate daughter 🙂

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