Zach has been a Christian his entire life. He’s only said a cuss word once and has never had a drink of alcohol. He’s admired by many people! People are always mentioning Zach’s strong Christian morals and parents often comment on how they hope their child will grow up to be like him. He’s been asked to speak to the highschool kids at church and even asked by a parent to have dinner with his son who is a freshman in college to explain to him the trials he will go through and how to overcome them

It’s thanks to Zach that I am a Christian today! I’m so proud to have him as my husband and glad that he inspires other people to live a life of walking towards Christ. However, it is tough sometimes. I often feel like people just give Zach the “credit” for me and how I turned out. A girl who came form a divorced home etc etc…I feel like people often overlook my Christianity because I haven’t lead the “flawless” life that Zach has.

That is why this Facebook message I recieved recently really touched my life:

“I know we hardly ever spoke while we had classes together. But I just want to say that fo some reason I have kept up with your facebook and your blog page. I am in the very early stages of re-establishing my relationship with Christ again, and I just wanted to tell you that you are so encouraging, as a Christian, wife and a soon to be mother! Have a great day:)”

It may not seem like much but this is the first time since becoming a Christian that someone has looked towards ME. Has seen me as encouraging! Has thought that I have it together as a Christian! Thinks that my life is one that they could model themselves after! I cried when I read this and called Zach immediatly!

A lot of girls who go to my church have always judged me. Held sins I commited before I came to Christ against me. Have said to people that they shouldn’t be my friend because they could become a “lost soul.” Have warned people not to go to church events that Zach and I are involved in b/c it’s all about us. While I try not to let these types of things bother me, they do. How could they not? Those types of things make me doubt myself and make me feel like I’m not worthy or that I can never be “good enough.”

This brief little message made me realize who cares what they think! Those people don’t know me, but this person also doesn’t know me. Those people judge me based off things from four years ago, this person is judging me based off things NOW. Our preacher often mentions how our Facebooks show people who we are…and obviously mine is a good representation of myself if a practical stranger draws inspiration from it! I thank her so much for writing me this message as I may be an encouragement to her, but she has been one to me. She has shown me that living my life as close to an example of Christ as I can will help others see Him through me and that Zach isn’t the only one in our little family who can be a good example to others! 🙂


  1. Andy
    November 3, 2008 / 7:33 pm

    One of my biggest issues that I currently struggle with are “judgemental christians.” It is one of the biggest turn-offs to the Sunday school class that I just started attending. But I think it is important to realize that GOD does not judge you on what you have/haven’t done but on where you stand in your relationship with him, and that’s it. Don’t let these girls’ opinions intimidate you down, use those situations to strengthen your relationship and to guide your little one and most of all re-examine how you might judge others. I think you are a GREAT example of an AWESOME christian!

  2. Anonymous
    November 3, 2008 / 9:33 pm

    At first I thought this blog was about how much I ment to you but i quickly relized that it was about how I over shadow you as a christian sorry I try to work on not getting attention. But seriuosly you are a strong christian and you have taught me some stuff to and remember people will be judged on how they judge others. Zach Parker

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