Hunger Games

As all of you know, we have a hardcore tradition surrounding all of the Twilight movies. We LOVE it! Katie introduced Zach and I to The Hunger Games books waaaaay back before there were any talks of movies. We read them and loved them. Not that the two really have much in common, but Hunger Games is waaaaaay better than Twilight. The books are much better written and the movie was much better done as well. If you haven’t read them – do it! Zach’s never been a big reader but he finished them all mega fast. They are the type of thing that you’re so sad when it ends.

On Thursday March 22nd we all made plans to meet up at Steak and Shake for a late dinner then go together to see The Hunger Games premiere at midnight. Usually I’m PUMPED for this type of thing but I had a crrrrazzzzzy weekend ahead of me and I was a little worried that I’d be too exhausted to enjoy all of it. That same week Katie had come over one night to watch Grey’s with me and I legit, hardcore fell ASLEEP at only 9:30. Like I was OUT. She had to wake me up! I didn’t know how I’d make it through a midnight movie that was 2 1/2 hours long!!!

Zach loved the books so much that he really wanted to see the movies too. We debated about making it a co-ed movie night but then we’d all have to find childcare and who wants to deal with that junk?!?! So instead Zach went Friday night with Trey, his cousin. We told Trey about the books and he loved them too and it was nice that the two of them had a fun guys night together. They actually asked some random chick to sneak their  movie candy in for them. One problem with two guys going to a movie together…no big purse 😉 

Crissy met me at the house and we drove together. I love that we live so close to each other 😉 It also happened to be her birthday (when are we gonna use your present btw?!?!) so it made the night extra fun! I love that a core group of us always do this, but I also love that we open it up to everyone and anyone who might want to join in. It’s TOUGH for me (and my other mama friends as well) to get girl time and it’s so wonderful to see a lot of friends at once. It helps lower my guilt level for the little amount of time I get to spend with each of them 😉  

I’m always ready with the Steak and Shake coupons – what what!

Robyn came for the dinner but missed out on the movie…I would let her use pregnancy as an excuse but Crissy and I have both done it multiple times while mega pregnant (hello I had Britt like a couple weeks after the last Twilight movie!). Seriously though, I get why she missed it. She lives pretty far so she wouldn’t have even gotten home until after 4 and had work the next day and drove my butt and our kids to Jacksonville (post to come!) so I forgive you for being lame Robyn 🙂

Hannah and Katie were actually close to ON TIME for like the first time ever! And Kori came for some grub too which was super fun! I love spending time with her 🙂 The waitress we had was pretty hilarious. I asked if they do anything for birthdays and she brought us Steak and Shake hats. I love how Crissy and I are the only cool ones wearing them 😉 And the waitress did lead us in singing to her when we went to leave so she gets bonus points for that!

Hannah, Katie, Crissy and I were the only ones brave enough for the late night movie!

After Steak and Shake we headed to the theater. I didn’t drink coffee because I thought I’d need to save it for the events the next night (caffeine HARDCORE affects me…) I had a TON of candy and I was having so much fun that I honestly didn’t have a hard time staying awake. Once the movie started there was NO WAY I’d be able to sleep. It was AMAZING!!!

The best part of the movie was Crissy. She’s hilarious. She doesn’t read (she will read the cliff notes version before seeing the movies so she won’t be left out haha) so she didn’t even know what the books were about. Katie asked me if we should warn her that children get killed…but I figured it’d be better just to let her watch it. When it ended she didn’t know that there were MORE movies after this one. She was shocked! I am SO glad there are more movies to come…I honestly get pretty sad thinking that our Twilight nights will come to a close soon so I’m thankful that Hunger Games ones are just beginning!

Which do you like better??? I think it’s AWESOME for young women to have a role model like Katniss and I loved how different she was from Bella. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be totally obsessed with Edward too but she kinda drove me nuts about it. On and on and on about him. Whereas Katniss doesn’t care one bit about the boys and doesn’t feed into all the mushy love stuff. It made for an interesting love triangle because I felt like you never really were sure how Katniss felt!

I thought the movie followed pretty closely to the book, casting was FABULOUS in my opinion! Everyone was perfect for their role. I want to re-read the book (we don’t own it, we borrowed Katie’s so we need to buy them) so I can really compare, but from what I remember of it the movie was pretty much as close as you could get! Although I do wish they would have shown more of the relationships between everyone, don’t you? What did you think??? I can’t WAIT for the next one!!!


  1. Crissymegow
    April 10, 2012 / 6:14 pm

    bahaha, I am pretty silly aren't I? lol!P.S. I totally didn't even read the cliff notes for this one, so I was totally totally surprised.  I didn't even watch the movie trailer, I seriously could probably go watch Blue's Clues  in the theater with ya'll and have just as much fun, ha!  I just love some friend time!! 🙂

  2. Robyn Mullican
    April 11, 2012 / 1:14 am

    I love how you threw me under the bus and supported me all at the same time.  That's some good multi-tasking!  😉

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