Kye’s Bday Celebration at School

The policy at Kye’s school has the class celebrate all the birthdays of the month on one day each month rather than on each child’s birthday. I totally get that as this age thrives on routine and schedule and having little parties can mess that up pretty easily! The Birthday Celebration Day for all the kids with March birthdays was on March 16th. Another boy in Kye’s class also had a March birthday. His mom called me in advance to plan what we were going to bring. It all worked out perfectly as both boys had Toy Story themed birthday parties. She makes cupcakes for a living so, duh, I let her do that portion. I had left over juice boxes, napkins, and goody bags from Kye’s party so I took care of all of that.

Kye enjoyed helping stuff the favor bags

I just did a Woody stamp on each paper bag to make it a little more “themed”

On the 16th I sent Kye to school in his birthday shirt. I figured why not get one more wear out of it, right? I hated to mess up Britt’s nap but in this situation, Kye comes first. It was a big day for him and I didn’t want to miss it so I put her down early for her nap and got her up early as well. We got to the school at 10:00 and met the class outside on the playground. Kye was allowed to come in with me to help get out all our goodies. He was SO excited!

His job was handing out all the juice boxes!

The cute cupcakes the other mom brought in!

When the class came in from recess they all sang Happy Birthday to both boys then enjoyed their treats. Kye was one of the last ones to finish eating, and I heard from his teachers that he’s usually one of the slower eaters. I’m the exact opposite. I scarf down a meal in under 10 minutes no problem!

Kye’s teachers were so sweet to pull in a chair for me so Britt and I rocked while the kids all ate. It worked out really well because she was actually able to fall asleep! This is one area that she is SO much better than Kye was. Kye would sleep in his car seat, but she won’t. That’s frustrating, but at least she will sleep in my arms when needed! The car seat is easier but the arms is more enjoyable so I’ll take it 😉

How she slept like that I have no clue?!?!

The “party” was over in a matter of minutes and school didn’t get out until noon. I had already pumped and brought Brittlynn a bottle for her 11:00 feeding. I asked if his teacher’s minded if I just stuck around. I mean where else would I go? I felt like I was a pretty big distraction to Kye’s day and I hate that. I tried to do my best to be out of the way of everything they had going on. Luckily Britt drank her bottle easily and quickly 😉 I did enjoy getting to see what they do during the day and especially seeing Circle Time. It was precious to hear each child take turns praying out loud and I loved watching Kye sing and dance with his friends. I did not like how he didn’t always do what he was told, but his teachers assured me that they never have to get on to him as much as they did that day. I was a distraction for sure!

I also enjoyed seeing Kye color and do his “work” while I was there. They gave out a worksheet and told the class to color certain bears in certain colors. Kye knew ALL the colors without having to ask and did all of them correctly! I was impressed by this because when we ask him what color something is he doesn’t always get it right. He must try a little harder for his teachers than he does for his parents 😉

Kye really enjoyed the special treatment for his Birthday! It was a fun morning and I’m glad I was able to be there with him, I’m so blessed to be able to stay home with my babies!

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  1. Melissa Bundrick
    April 10, 2012 / 12:07 am

    He knows the colors if he does it at school. Mine do that all the time! My two year old pretends she doesn't know the color of something, but I know she knows it because she says every color EXCEPT the right one! Or she will start to say the right color, look at me, then say the wrong one! We just have to learn how to play along sometimes! I listen for the color she doesn't say!

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