Hospital Stay {Day 3}

Robyn and I got up pretty early and started getting ready for the day. I felt a lot more rested and ready for our last day at the hospital! 

The nursery nurse came in and talked to me pretty early. She told me that Tess had failed her hearing test. Um. What?!?! I tried not to freak out…but hello that was not an easy thing to hear! She said that the state changed their testing procedures and that back when I had my other kids they would allow the nursery staff to check the hearing as many times as they wanted. So basically they would keep checking it until babies passed. But now they are only allowed to test the hearing twice. 

She said they didn’t know Tess and I were staying 48 hours (um…they could have asked!) so they tested her hearing the first afternoon she was born and then again first thing that next morning. She passed for her left ear, but failed for the right one. The nurse said not to worry and that they would retest her when we brought her in for her two day check-up after we went home. She said that it’s common now for babies to fail it and that it’s usually due to fluid in their system. 

I’m SUPER thankful that Robyn was there with me for that news. She helped keep me calm and kept me from having an emotional breakdown. I tried to look at the worst case scenario. And worse case? We knew she could hear in one ear. And if she was deaf in the other ear, they were catching it super, mega early and I’m sure hearing aids and such would make it where she never had an issues! I tried to not let it consume my thoughts as I did just want to ENJOY the day with her and not waste time worrying!

Robyn headed out as she had a busy day (it was the day of the kids sale. SO SAD I couldn’t make it!!! But thankful that Casey and Mrs. Charlotte went in my place and hooked the kids up with some awesome finds!). I’m so thankful she spent the night with me! I know she didn’t get much (if any!) sleep and did have so much to do that day!

The red sticker means she failed the test πŸ™

Zach was SO sweet about wanting to be with Tess and missing her when he was away. We made plans for the kids and Daddy to come up to the hospital first thing that morning. They picked up breakfast and brought a movie. That way they would be CHILL so Zach and I could enjoy Tess a little bit but all also be together as a family. 

I know everyone thinks I’m the hardcore coordinating parent…but Zach did this ALL on his own!

Once the kids were settled with their breakfast and movie (and I had Zach get me a bagel and peanut butter from the hospital restaurant…I never ate much of the food they actually brought to me!) I filled Zach in about the hearing test. When Zach is worried he does NOT want to talk about things. So he was hardcore about us not talking about it anymore. Which made me even more glad that Robyn had been there when the nurse told me. B/c I handle worries the opposite way from Zach. I like to talk, talk, talk it out and then I feel better. So I was already at peace about it by the time I told him πŸ˜‰

I love how big his hands look next to her tiny body!

Once Zach was back…it was back to sleeping in the crib for Tess haha

Sweetest little footprint

I was pretty sick of the bed so I sat in other chairs in the room to give myself a bit of a break from it and Zach took it over πŸ˜‰

I’m SO thankful that I took a TON of pics of the kids with Tess in the hospital. Once we got home the novelty of her kinda wore off haha. They still love her, but the obsession has faded quickly. And plus at home Kye is usually rocking his underwear so it’s nice that we have pictures of him clothed with her haha! He is such a sweet big brother and it was so precious that the kids were so eager to hold and love on her that morning!

My turn for some pics πŸ™‚

Zach and the kids stayed for a couple hours then I got some solo time with Tess. It was the last solo time I’d have while we were at the hospital and I just savored it. Elizabeth, the nurse who delivered her, came by and stayed for a good while! I stood up and cuddled Tess while we visited and I truly enjoyed talking with her. It was SO thoughtful of her to come by!!!

I sent Zach a couple pics of me and of Tess to make him jealous haha! I was getting that skin to skin loving!

I’m so glad I had done a little “Pinterest homework” before Casey had Carter. I took a bunch of pictures of him when he was born and it was great practice for when Tess arrived! I really wanted to capture the feel of the hospital stay and wanted to get as many pics of her as I could before we went home and she’d have to be on a more hardcore sleep schedule situation (always sleeping in her crib!)

The bracelets on her ankles were so annoying!

Cheryl, Zach’s aunt (Trey and Jolee’s mom) came by for a little bit. It was great timing b/c I had to pee so bad and I didn’t like the idea of leaving Tess alone while I went. So she had her first “babysitter” haha. 

When I packed my bags for the hospital I packed a few girl things and a few boy things. That way I could get some pics with gender specific items! When I had Britt my mom gave me a TON of my baby things and she gave me the outfit I had worn home from the hospital. It says “It’s a Girl” on it. I tried to have Britt wear it but she was too big for it. Tess, however, fit PERFECTLY! And it’s funny because she also looks like my little twin from when I was born! 

I love how naturally pink her pretty little lips are!

Can you believe her hair is long enough to go over her ears already?

You can see those fabulous eye lashes! And also the yellow tint around her eyes from the goop due to her clogged tear duct

Around lunch time Tess and I had a pretty large group of visitors! When I first found out I was pregnant I asked Lindsay about doing my delivery room pictures and we were both SUPER excited about it. I knew her positive energy and sweet demeanor would be awesome to have in the delivery room with me. I feel very comfortable with her and we’ve developed a great friendship. Plus she’s a sister in Christ so having that connection would make it an even better experience! Sadly, she was out of town the day Tess was born. It all worked out with our back up photographer and I still LOVE the images and had a great experience. Plus now baby #4 has something special to look forward to πŸ™‚ I’m thankful Lindsay came by to visit us in the hospital (and she snapped some sweet shots too that I’ll be posting next!). 

Robyn came back by to visit for a bit with her mom. It’s so nice that we’ve been friends long enough where I feel close to her family too πŸ™‚ Her mom is SO sweet and I’m glad she got to visit!

Mr. Rusty stopped by after his weekly golf game πŸ™‚

Holding Big Papa’s finger πŸ™‚

Mrs. Charlotte also came by and she stayed until we went home. She got a TON of snuggles in and I was able to get all packed up and ready for discharge. They went over everything with me and gave me reminders about infant care and postpartum care. It is SO nice being a third timer. Everyone kinda let me do my own thing and I had so much more confidence in knowing everything already! The lactation consultant came by and said she was doing great with nursing. We had a great rhythm going and she was nursing roughly every 3 hours at that point. Multiple people commented on how beautiful she was and some nurses even said she was the prettiest baby in the nursery πŸ˜‰ I wanted to get a chance to get down there and see Stacy’s baby! She had him the day after I had Tess and I bet the two of them were chatting it up in the nursery together πŸ™‚ 

I, of course, called Mrs. Charlotte as soon as I could about Tess’s hearing test situation. When I had some alone time I googled it and I felt a lot better about it. She didn’t have ANY of the things that would cause infant hearing loss. And I did read that it was super common for them to fail it due to the fluid…which, duh, she had been super fluidy! While Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty were there I snapped my fingers close to her right ear and she totally flinched so that made me feel 1,000 times better! I wished they could have retested her right then and there!!! But at least I felt confident that she was FINE and just as healthy as could be πŸ™‚

Zach and the kids headed up to the hospital after their naps so we could take Tess home! Honestly…I wasn’t really ready haha. I could have stayed another couple days and been happy about it. I love the quality time with my sweet girl!!!

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  1. Sylcell
    August 26, 2014 / 4:05 am

    Our little girl failed the test in one ear too. TWICE! And then they made us come back to the hospital a week or two later to test her a third time and she finally passed. They love to freak you out about nothing. She is beautiful!

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